Zhavier Shaw


Basseterre, St. Kitts, October 08, 2016 (SKNIS): With support from the Ministry of Trade, the St. Kitts and Nevis Coalition of Service Industries, has selected Zhavier Shaw to represent the Federation at an upcoming Global Services Exporters Conference in Chile.


The Caribbean Network of Service Coalitions (CNSC) collaborated with ALES (Latin America Association of Service Exporter) to bring together the videogame developers from the Caribbean, Latin America and international firms at the ALES to the 6th Annual Conference.


Zhavier, just 17 years of age, who attends the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC), has tapped into the Videogame and Mobile Applications Industry Sector and was chosen out of six additional candidates in the Federation. This is a niche sector of the Creative Service Industry and ICT (Information and Communications Technology).


He began developing games eight years ago. He expressed that he is excited to go to the conference.


“Being from here (St. Kitts), I have always seen that they have those game development conferences and I never thought I would be able to get the opportunity to go. So, I am really appreciative of this,” said Shaw.


During his trip, he plans to network and promote his business “Leeward Games.” Zhavier also hopes to bring more awareness to this niche market in the Caribbean. He also endeavors to teach what he has learned to other aspiring game developers.


This opportunity will allow him to take a look at the latest trends, as well as identify business and investment opportunities in the services sector and network with top CEOs and international leaders.  


Zhavier imparted sound advice for those who want to venture into game development.


“Go ahead of time and learn. That is the key thing,” said Shaw. “Even if it is a prototype, put in the best you can put in because the market is very saturated. There are millions of games now. You need to be able to know what people want in a game; you need to be able to market it. Read and study and mess with anything you can mess with.”


The Videogame and Mobile Applications Industry Sector is a booming economic sector worldwide that has generated more revenue than the film and music industry together, growing 30 percent annually.


The CNSC, of which St. Kitts and Nevis is a member, has championed the initiative to develop the niche sector in hopes of developing the videogame and mobile application industry sector as a viable export sector within CARIFORUM.


The conference, which Zhavier will be attending, will be held from October 12 to 13. The conference will be fully funded by the EU through Caribbean Export Development Agency.



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SKNYPA15: We pledged and now we pledge!

The country’s leading voice for the youth demographic is celebrating fifteen years of service and nation building! What started out as the brainchild of the late Desmond E. Ward (who sadly died on the association’s official launch date), former parliamentary consultant and SKNYPA Mentor, has now blossomed into the most fortified symbol of youth empowerment in Saint Kitts.

Although founded in 1999, the St. Kitts National Youth Parliament Association (S.K.N.Y.P.A.) was not officially launched until September 13th 2001, under the directorship of Dr. Geoffery Hanley. As a non-profit and non-partisan youth organisation; the association operates as a non-governmental entity dedicated to the facilitation of open and honest discussion on national issues. S.K.N.Y.P.A. is the country’s premier institution for positive youth involvement in politics and the legislative process and aims to train young people to understand parliamentary procedure while also creating forums and avenues for non-discriminative youth expression on national, regional and global affairs.

Famous for its forthright debates on youth-related matters, S.K.N.Y.P.A. has tackled many issues concerning tourism, agriculture, education, climate change, electoral and constitutional matters, national security, electronic crimes and health. Discussions on The Vehicle and Road Traffic Bill (1999), the Criminal Law Amendment Bill proposing firmer penalties for sexual offences against children (2002) Integrity in Public Life Bill (2008) and the National Assembly Elections Bill (2009) are only a few of the legislation pieces on which the association prides itself. Often times, these pieces become official legal documents as they find their way into the Federal Parliament after the Youth Parliament sitting.

Throughout the years, the association has engaged in many activities and made significant contributions for the benefit of the society. Some of these include Parliament Sittings, Youth 2 Youth (Y2Y) retreats, COMCENTAPLAY, Youth symposiums, Humanitarian efforts, Turtle Monitoring, beautification projects and, most notably, the Desmond Eli Ward Primary School Debate Competition. Interestingly enough, SKNYPA also has a volunteer mandate, forty (40) hours per member, which proves its commitment to nation building and youth empowerment.

A compact calendar of events; including social media campaigns, private retreats, training programs, competitions, church services, banquets and much more have been planned and the community-at-large is kindly asked to journey with the organisation through its many  public portals. Let’s share in this momentous occasion together!

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Photo Caption: The New Executive Of The St. Kitts National Youth Parliament Association,  (Azard Gumbs –  President,  Leanne Knight- Vice President, Kara Daly- General Secretary, Keneisha Flemming- Treasurer and Azuree Liburd and new comer Christian Nathaniel as Public Relations Officers.)

The St. Kitts National Youth Parliament Association saw the election of a new executive during its Annual General Meeting, (AGM) held on Sunday 4th September, 2016 at the Frigate Bay Development Corporation’s Club House.


The Association hosted many prominent guests guest such as Governor Timothy Antoine of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank who was the featured guest speaker for the afternoon’s proceedings. In Governor’s Antoine presentation he urged the members to always remember the underpinning values for which the group was formed, for sustainability within our society that is facing a rampant of anti social activities. His Excellency Ambassador Sam Condor, Hon. Marcella Liburd and Mr. Dwyer Astaphan were  also in attendance and presided over the election of the 2016/17 Executive.

Photo Caption: AGM Attendees 


The premiere youth organization will be led by Mr. Azard Gumbs who was returned as its President for a second term. Also, comprising the 2016/17 executive are Leanne Knight- Vice President, Kara Daly- General Secretary, Keneisha Flemming- Treasurer and Azuree Liburd and new comer Christian Nathaniel as Public Relations Officers. 


This year’s AGM, also marked the beginning of a major milestone for the Parliamentary body, as it will be celebrating fifteen (15) years since its official launch on September 13, 2001. To date the Association is made up of forty seven (47) members and has aided the development of a number of remarkable young people in the Federation.


To conclude the evening’s meeting honorary and alumni members extended congratulatory remarks for the Association’s achievement and onward direction.


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Four Nevis students off to Jamaica for study in Sports; NIA’s biggest single investment in sports study


Photo caption: (Extreme left) Deputy Premier of Nevis and Minister of Sports Hon. Mark Brantley with (l-r) Siana Leader, Kerisha Powell Aljay Newton and Colin Archibald Jr. at the Vance W. Amory International Airport on September 03, 2016, before their departure to pursue sports studies in Jamaica

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (September 08, 2016) — Kerisha Powell and Colin Archibald Jr. of Brown Hill Village and Aljay Newton and Siana Leader of Bath Village left Nevis on September 03, 2016 to attend the G.C. Foster College of Physical Education and Sports in Jamaica to pursue four-year degrees in various disciplines of sports.


Moments before their departure from the Vance W. Amory International Airport, Newton, on behalf of his peers, thanked the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) for taking the bold initiative to sponsor them with full scholarships to pursue studies of sports. He promised they would be good ambassadors for Nevis during the duration of their studies.


Newton singled out and thanked Junior Minister of Sports Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams and all the “good people” who made the opportunity a reality.


Deputy Premier of Nevis and Minister of Sports Hon. Mark Brantley, who was on hand to see the group off to study, said he was doing so with a sense of immense pride. He urged them to make Nevis proud.


He wished them well, pledged the administration’s continued support and expressed hope that they would return to Nevis at the end of their studies successful, to help to build the human infrastructure for sports and sports training.


“Good luck with your studies. We wish you all the very best and so long as you are there, this government pledges to do whatever we can to support you and to make sure you achieve  your individual goals for you and your family but also for the island of Nevis.


“Thank you all for stepping up, stepping forward and we look forward to your return to make your contribution to the development of sports in the island of Nevis,” he said.


Mr. Brantley, explained, that some years ago the NIA decided to invest more heavily in all aspects of sports. He said the investment in the four students is the largest single one made in one point in sports.  


Photo caption: (Extreme left) Deputy Premier of Nevis and Minister of Sports Hon. Mark Brantley and Director of Sports Jamir Claxton (extreme right) with team of four and their family and wellwishers moments before their departure from the Vance W. Amory International Airport on September 03, 2016, to pursue sports studies in Jamaica


The Senior Sports Minister noted that the four candidates who are employed in various capacities at the Department of Youth and Sports, were assessed and offered the opportunity to pursue studies in sports.


He noted, that the initiative came about as a direct consequence of a recent visit to Jamaica by Junior Minister of Sports Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams. While there, she used the opportunity to create a link with the college. She was able to negotiate with them special tuition and accommodation rates for Nevisian students.


G.C. Foster College which is located in St. Catherine in Jamaica, describes itself as a world class training institution, producing excellent teachers, sports and recreational professionals to meet local, regional and international standards.


Its mission is to contribute to social and economic development through the optimal preparation of Physical Education teachers, athletes, recreation and sports specialists; utilising qualified personnel and contemporary resources.


Also present at the airport was Director of Sports Jamir Claxton and family and wellwishers of the students.




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Two more Nevis students leaving to pursue agriculture degrees at Earth University


Photo caption: (l-R) Dezjorn Jeffers of Prospect and Kyle Liburd of Hickmans who will pursue agriculture degrees at Earth University in Costa Rica

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS ( September 07, 2016) — Dezjorn Jeffers of Prospect Village and Kyle Liburd of  Hickmans Village will leave Nevis September 10, 2016,  to pursue four-year degrees in Agriculture at Earth University in Costa Rica. They will be joining three other students who are pursuing the same degree there.


On September 07, 2016, the Department of Information spoke with their fathers who expressed gratitude for the opportunity afforded to their sons to pursue tertiary education overseas.

Photo caption: Floyd Liburd, father of Kyle Liburd of Hickmans Village


“It’s a good opportunity for him. I expect him to do well and come back and contribute to the development of agriculture.


“We are grateful to the donor for providing the scholarship and to the Agriculture Department who would have done some work in making it possible,” Floyd Liburd said.


Photo caption: Stuart Jeffers, father of Dezjorn Jeffers of Prospect Village

In the case of Dezjorn, Stuart Jeffers said “I think it is a wonderful opportunity and we appreciate the gesture by the donor and the effort of the Department of Agriculture which affords him the opportunity to study agriculture, an area he is passionate about since he was little.”


Meantime, in a recent interview with the department, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture Eric Evelyn noted that the ministry boasts a cadre of well-trained personnel and continues to look at ways and means of adding to that pool of trained technicians in the department.


Photo caption: Eric Evelyn, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture on Nevis


He congratulated the students and explained that Jeffers and Liburd were accepted to study at the Costa Rican university after they had passed the application process.


“Part of that process included a professor from the university journeying here to Nevis last month to conduct interviews with the two students who applied.


“She journeyed back to Costa Rica and analysed the information and the results of the interviews that were conducted and thankfully the two students are successful,” he said.


The permanent secretary believes that the most recent opportunity for the Nevisian students came about as a result of a visit by Minister of Agriculture on Nevis Hon. Alexis Jeffers and himself to Earth University earlier this year.


“The registration process would have gone but because of some discussions myself and the minister had with the officials from Earth University, they were able to extend the deadline.


“When I returned, I was able to do some additional promotion, and so, we were able to get these two young men who are interested. They applied and they are extremely delighted that they are successful,” he said.


Evelyn also used the opportunity to express gratitude to donor Ms. Ann Bass for sponsoring all the scholarships for Nevisians studying agriculture at Earth University. He said her generous gift provides Nevisian students with an opportunity to get a university education.





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Basseterre, St. Kitts, September 01, 2016 (SKNIS): After three years on the PEP (People Empowerment Programme), all trainees based at the Newtown Community Center have been informed that they will finally be assigned where their skills can be better utilized within the workforce. The trainees have also been informed that they will continue to receive their stipends.

For more than three years, the trainees have been involved in areas including cosmetology, office management and computer graphics. The courses were intended to be short-term.

According to Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, Mr. Osbert DeSuza, an extensive evaluation of the programme at the Newtown Community Center has been completed.


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Two female students awarded MUA/NIA 2016/17 scholarships

Photo caption: Deputy Premier of Nevis and Minister of Health Hon. Mark Brantley (middle) flanked by the 2016/17 MUA/NIA scholarship awardees and Ministry of Health officials (l-r) Permanent Secretary Nicole Slack-Liburd, Laurencia Walters, Nicoyann Blackett and Health Planner Shelisa Martin-Clarke at the Alexandra Hospital conference room on July 19, 2016

NIA CHARLESTOWN (JULY 20, 2016) — Laurencia Walters and Nicoyann Blackett are the recipients of the Medical University of the Americas (MUA)/ Nevis Island Administration (NIA) scholarship  for the 2016/2017 cycle.


The announcement was made by the Chairperson of the MUA/NIA Scholarship Committee and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health in the NIA Nicole Slack-Liburd, at a brief ceremony at the Alexandra Hospital conference room on July 19, 2016.


“We are extremely excited to announce our winners of the scholarship. Ms. Laurencia Walters and Ms. Nicoyann Blackett will soon begin their tertiary education in the areas of health and science.


“Ms. Walters will be pursuing radiological sciences at Midwestern State University in the United states of America, which is a critical need here at the hospital. Ms. Blackett will be pursuing studies in the area of biology at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica and will move on to study animal science,” she said.


Slack-Liburd also congratulated the recipients, wished them success in their endeavours and encouraged them to return home at the end of their studies to contribute to the development of the health sector on the island.


The NIA/MUA Health Science Scholarships are offered in an effort to encourage the pursuit of tertiary education in Medicine, Health and the Sciences. Two scholarships are offered on an annual basis to deserving high school graduates with a sound academic record.

They afford the awardees the opportunity to study for up to four years at the Medical University of the Americas, the University of the West Indies or at any four-year United States based institution.


Meantime, Deputy Premier of Nevis and Minister of Health Hon. Mark Brantley, expressed his commitment to ensuring that residents on Nevis are offered scholarship opportunities and the youth are empowered to pursue tertiary education.


The Health Minister encouraged the recipients to make use of the investmens being made in them.


“I feel that you ought to cherish the opportunity that you’ve gotten and that you go out there and you make yourselves, your families and your island proud.


“You come back here in a few years and demonstrate that the investment has paid dividends for you in your personal life, the lives of your family and also for the wider community,” he said.


In response, both recipients thanked the MUA/NIA for the scholarship and outlined their reasons for choosing their field.


Blackett stated that she chose animal science because of her love for animals. Walters explained that she chose radiological science because of the direct need for specialists in that field on Nevis.


Also present at the ceremony was Shelisa Martin-Clarke, Health Planner at the Ministry of Health and a member of the MUA/NIA scholarship committee.



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Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School Wins Runako Shakur Morton Primary School Cricket League

Photo Caption: The Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School Cricket Team 
St. Kitts – Nevis, (SKNP) – The final between the Charlestown Primary School and the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School was finally played at the Elquemedo T. Willet Park earlier today, Monday 18 July, 2016.

With the sun out in all its glory, the students of the participating schools were anxious to get going. Charlestown Primary School batted first and were in a spot of bother been positioned at 14-6. 

Photo Caption: Runako Shakur Morton Cricket League Champions, Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School

The bowling for EPPS was on target to ensure that the Charlestown Primary School were bowled out for their lowest tournament total. They were bowled out for 50.

With a strong bowling attack Charlestown had to impress inorder to defy the odds stacked against them. 

EPPS were off to a racing start but the steady flow of wickets and the competitive spirit of the children of the Charlestown Primary School made the game even more interesting. 

However, it was the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School who came out victorious and created history as they will now be known as the first school to win the League under the new name. They won by two wickets and a few overs to spare. 

Tyger Browne of the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School was judged the Most Valuable Player and best bowler while Lyne Smithen of the Charlestown Primary School was judged best the fielder.

​Working towards Global Citizenship Education!

12th July 2016

Press Release By: Made Communications Team

Photo Caption: Trevis Belle at 2nd Youth Leadership on Global Citizenship Education 

Trevis Belle is currently in Busan, South Korea representing the federation at  the UNESCO APECEIU (Asia-Pacific Center of Education for International Understanding) 2nd Youth Leadership Workshop on Global Citizenship Education which focuses on achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4 – Quality Education which draws specific attention on the importance of fostering global citizenship. 

 The workshop will be held from July 11th – July 16th at Busan University of Foreign Studies. 50 young people from around the world have been selected to attend this workshop and the main objectives they will be hoping to achieve at the end are: To enable youth leaders in education to gain a common understanding of GCED and its key priority areas to achieve SDG 4.7, To provide a forum for participating youth leaders to elaborate leadership strategies suitable 
for the implementation of GCED in national and regional levels and to strengthen a network of youth leaders to advance GCED.

 “To be selected to attend a workshop of this caliber with other young people who are championing the fight for global and quality education is amazing. I will definitely be paying keen attention to the different sessions and as usual, post daily updates and engage in conversations with persons on social media about what was discussed to hear their point of views on the variety of topics.” said Trevis. 

 In 2015, Trevis’ non profit organization MADE St. Kitts launched its mentoring program at the Irish Town Primary School. Then in 2015 as a part of the REACH Program at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College students were given the opportunity to volunteer as a mentor at 1 of 4 primary schools that were under this mentoring program initiative: Tucker Clarke Primary, Irish Town Primary, Beach Allen Primary and the Dr. William Connor Primary. 
MADE St. Kitts is currently seeking new mentors for its rebooted Mentoring Program – young persons whom are interested can go to to find out more! 


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Nevis-born Emmy Award-winning hair stylist Petula Skeet throws support behind local budding fashion designers

Photo caption: Nevis-born Emmy Award winning hair stylist Petula Skeete (middle) with five budding fashion designers from Nevis and Director of Youth Development Zahnela Claxton (extreme right) at the end of Skeete’s #beautyFULL Women’s Conference at the Four Seasons Resort on July 03, 2016

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (July 06, 2016) — Nevis-born Emmy Award winning hair stylist Petula Skeete threw her support behind the first Fashion and Music Expo (FAME) carded for July 10, 2016 at the Villa grounds in Charlestown and urged the public to support the exposition. The event hosted by the Department of Youth and Sports on Nevis, will showcase the skills of local budding fashion designers.


Ms. Skeete, made the call when she spoke to the Department of Information on July 03, 2016, at the end of the first in her women empowerment series #beautyFULL YOU Women’s Conference on Nevis at the Four Seasons Resort. It was held in partnership with IT Cosmetics and CōTZ Mineral Sunscreen and renowned ABC’s Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts.


“The first time ever Fashion and Music Expo will be here in Nevis. There are a lot of firsts for everything and we are doing good things and big things.


“These young ladies, very brave, these are the future designers. It’s not about Versace. It’s not about Calvin Klein. It’s about right here in Nevis so come on out. I am so happy because when I was their age I was shy but now they are pushing and doing things…so I hope that everyone will come on out and just give them the support. That’s all we need, the support,” she said.


Skeete, who met the enterprising group said she had the opportunity to give them insights into the world of fashion. She also gave them hands-on exposure with coordinating models and timing their runway appearances during a segment of her conference.


Photo caption: Budding local fashion designers (l-r) Sashauna Lyden, Iesha Smith, Kelcia Liburd, Nadya Beephat and Shannon Morton at the end of the #beautyFULL Women’s Conference at the Four Seasons Resort on July 03, 2016


The group is made up of Nadya Beephat, 19, of Fashion Bee, Sashauna Leyden, 15, and Iesha Smith, 16, of Satiesh Designs, Kelcia Liburd, 18, of Kel-c’s Clothing and Shannon Morton of House of Illaum.


Minister responsible for Youth in the Nevis Island Administration Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams who attended the event expressed satisfaction with the budding entrepreneurs and explained the thinking behind staging FAME.


“We realise over the past three years that our young persons have diverse talent. No longer are they just skewed to the academics but they are now very much interested in the arts.


“We are trying to find that avenue for them to explore their art forms in the different areas in the performing arts in the visual arts and so FAME would encapsulate the ideas of our young people in fashion,” she said.


She noted that the event is for everyone to come and see what the young people have been doing in the past three years.


Photo caption: Nevis-born Emmy Award winning hair stylist Petula Skeete (right) with Minister responsible for Youth on Nevis Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams at the end of her #beautyFULL Women’s Conference at the Four Seasons Resort  on July 03, 2016


Brandy-Williams also stated that the young and upcoming designers want to showcase their creations and expressed hope that the exposition would set them on a path to greater things in the future.


Meantime, Director of Youth Development Zahnela Claxton, who was also present, described the designer’s interaction with Skeete as a wonderful experience. She is hopeful that it would serve as a launch pad for them when they launch their clothing lines at the Expo.


Claxton explained that the group is working assiduously on their designs because they are passionate about fashion design and serious about sewing.


“They know what they are about and they know who they want to be. When I was able to touch base with Petula and tell her about them, she was very excited to meet them. She also wanted to give them the opportunity to volunteer today so that could see a bit of what this world entails, set their goals, know where they want to go and know what they have to do to get there,” she said.



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