Photo Caption: File Photo Of Dr. Denzil Douglas
My Fellow Citizens and Residents, 
I share with you a Comment on the ongoing Debate in Barbados and the Other Signatory States of the RSS Treaty regarding the Deployment of RSS Troops in St Kitts and Nevis (SKN) a few days ago on the eve of our 33rd Independence anniversary against strong and vocal opposition from our citizens and residents. 
This comment was sent after the Media had reported on a Panel Discussion contribution of the 
DIRECTOR of Operations and Plans of the Regional Security System (RSS), Lieutenant Colonel Glyne Grannum on Co-ordination Mechanisms in Latin America and Caribbean Regions for Natural Hazards and New Security Threats. 
“Dr. Douglas;

The vision of this organization (RSS) was never meant to do domestic policing or to become a political policing tool for  inept administrations. 
Although, we all wish to protect the rights and property of our citizens, we must respect and recognize that an external army is a Band-Aid solution. We cannot downplay and destroy the economy, lower the living standards and then believe a friendly occupying force will resolve the crime problem. That view is myopic. The solution is more complex and is not as simple as that. Parading these occupiers as crime stoppers is anti-democratic and will cause permanent damage to the uniformed  men and women of the St. Kitts Nevis police and armed forces. It will weaken them and when the forces return to their off Island  barracks, the criminal faction will now be emboldened to act without fear of the local authority. How will they get that back?
There are examples around the world especially in the situations with sending in U.S. troops. Whenever, they leave the situations get worse, when they stay the countries suffer the humility of being called a conflict country which cannot manage its own issues. It is more often lose-lose than win-win. President Obama, has tried to change that, however, those who wish to protect their profits have used their political puppets to prevent such changes.
Good luck. ”
Little wonder that the government of Barbados has, to date, refused to deploy any of its security forces to join the occupying RSS Troops here. 
We understand that the Government of Barbados had directly advised the fragmented Coalition Government of Dr Harris and indirectly also through our Security Chiefs and the National Security Permanent Secretary when they visited Barbados, that it was a waste of Money and Time to mobilise the RSS in St Kitts and Nevis at this time.

Cancer Research A Must Says Mr. Hensley Daniel

Written By: T. Chapman

Photo Caption: Former Minister of Health in the NRP led Government of 2006 – 2012,  Mr. Hensley Daniel

Pulse News, (September 06th 2016) – ‘Cancer is a global crisis but here on Nevis the rapid rate at which persons are dying is very alarming.’ –  Former Minister of Health in the then Nevis Reformation Party led Nevis Island Government,  Mr. Hensley Daniel joined the debate on Health during Tuesday’s Issues program hosted on Freedom FM by EK. Speaking about Cancer, Mr. Daniel sought to point to measures adopted under his watch while simultaneously educating the listening audience on preventative mechanisms. 

*According to CDC statistics,  ‘Every year, cancer claims the lives of more than half a million Americans.Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States, exceeded only by heart disease. One of every four deaths in the United States is due to cancer.’ (August 2016)

Understanding fully that Cancer required serious attention then, the Nevis Reformation Party implemented initiatives that were directly linked to Awareness, Prevention and Screening. For instance,  the introduction of Cancer Treatment Services provided an avenue for Nevisians to have treatment on island while the launch of a Cancer symposium educated medical practioners,  Cancer survivors and the General Public. The Prostate screenings allowed for men to monitor what’s happening with their prostate, an initiative that continues to grow yearly. 
Daniel insists that work had already started on having Cancer Research done by the University Of The West Indies.  

Consistent with his Health driven policy practices while in Government,  Daniel emphasized that Cancer Research is key in order for Stakeholders to understand what is happening in Nevis where Cancer is concerned.  This he believes would aid in identifying causes which would allow for the implementation  of preventative measures. 

Mr. Daniel reiterated that after demitting office in 2013 there where 21 new cases of cancer.  Previously in 2010, 25 new cases and 2011 27 new cases. According to Daniel, in his mind that’s a crisis; considering that the population is just about 15, 000 people.

With the lack of stats available on the Cancer mortality rate, Mr. Daniel insists that the current Government has failed to advance the plan of preventative care and policy direction.  

Dr. Drew insists that an aid package should be organized to assist Venezuela


Photo Caption: Constituency Representative For Constituency #8, Dr. Terrance Drew

Basseterre St. Kitts – “Are we takers or are we a nation of builders?” Constituency representative for constituency # 8, Dr. Terrance Drew during his weekly discourse on the popular Issues Program on Freedom Fm expressed his displeasure with the non-action of the Government with regards to the recent developments in Venezuela while also driving home his point that the time to give back is now.


Photo Caption: Venezuelan Citizens Rush For Food, (Credit: Breitbart)

Currently the situation in Venezuela is so dire and disturbing that it has caused major concern in the Diaspora. According to a publication on Breitbart, “On May 13, the current embattled President Nicolas Maduro signed a sixty-day state of emergency decree on Television.” Predictions are high that his term will come to a premature end as persons are forced to eat their pets to survive. Media outlets describe the events in Venezuela as one that ‘Mirrors the Apocalypse.’


Photo Caption: A Supermarket Shelf In Venezuela, (Credit: Breitbart)

Bearing such in mind, Dr. Drew emphasized that “Venezuela came to our aid” and the time has come to give back. Such a displeasure with the non-action of the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis comes on the backdrop of the contributions that Venezuela has made to St. Kitts and Nevis. Most recently assistance was provided to the Federal Government to the tune of $16 000 000 to fullfil their promise of compensating Sugar Workers as per the arrangements of the Sugar Diversification Fund and a loan of
$5 000 000 for the Fresh Start Program to help small businesses. Through the ALBA agreement, (SKN signed on in December 14th 2014) assistance could be had for Health, Education, Culture and Finance. Further, the PetroCaribe agreement also ensured that oil was provided at a reduced cost to St. Kitts and Nevis and other regional territories.

In light of this, Dr. Drew emphasized that the situation in Venezuela isn’t one of choosing chicken or steak or choosing evaporated milk or box milk but rather one of life and death. As a result, Dr. Drew sought to provide recommendations that he deems necessary and fitting to assist Venezuela.

A recommendation was made for the Government to speak to what is happening in Venezuela. Dr. Drew also recommends that the Government should use part of the funds received from the European Union and a portion of the remaining funds from the Sugar Diversification Fund to donate to Venezuela. Further, the Constituency #8 representative used the opportunity to urge citizens to give to Venezuela when the times arises.

Blogger Breaks Story On Speaker’s Resignation


SKNP Staff Writer:

Basseterre, St. Kitts – Captioned Harris Is ‘Under Tremendous Pressure’, Blogger, “Dissie Clark” disseminated a post informing facebook followers of the resignation of National Assembly Speaker on May 9th 2016. Media houses in the Federation broke the story the following day. Days after the resignation, the silence is deafening.

However, the general public is waiting for the Prime Minister Hon. Timothy Harris to make a formal address on the resignation of Mr. Brand. Meanehile, Leader of the Opposition The Right Honourable Dr. Denzil Douglas confirmed the resignation of the Speaker while being a guest on Freedom Radio Program, Issues on Wednesday Afternoon.

It must be noted that Mr. Brand’s resignation took effect the 30th Day of April 2016, his absence from the National Assembly was evident since Deputy Speaker, Mr. Michael Perkins presided over the meetings. Mr. Brand, would have served just over a year in the capacity as speaker, (sworn in on March 1 2015) signalling one of the shortest stints by any speaker that previously held the post.

Questions that come to mind through such a resignation are:

– How long was the government in receipt of Mr. Brand’s resignation?

– Is/Was there a fallout between Mr. Brand and the players within Team Unity?

– Are health concerns a critical part of the resignation?

– Is the National Assembly properly constituted?

Interestingly, the National Assembly has  met with the Deputy Speaker leading the proceedings. It should be noted that Mr. Brand last presided over a sitting of Parliament in December of 2015.



Basseterre, Saint Kitts – On Thursday 28th April 2016, the Saint Kitts and Nevis Labour Party held a massive rally at The Glen in St.Peters where Constituency Representatives enlightened the general public about the incompetence of the Team Unity led Administration.

MP’s for the Saint Kitts and Nevis Labour Party came out swinging last night as they held their second meeting in the lead up to the annual Labour Day March. As scores of Labourites listened, MP’s echoed the sentiments that the Deputy Speaker is Stifling Democracy.

This comes on the heels of the Deputy Speaker pulling the rule book and  booting Senator Nigel Carty from the Parliament for “gross misconduct”. At the time, the debate on the Income Tax (Amendment) (No.2) Bill, 2016 was ongoing at the Sitting of the National Assembly on Wednesday (April 27).  After the presentation by Senator Wendy Phipps, both the Prime Minister and Senator Carty were standing but it was the Prime Minister who caught the Deputy Speaker’s eye.

Irrespective of the efforts by the  government media to do damage control, Labourites are adamant that the acts of Bias and Collusion are clear for all to see. Thus it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Deputy Speaker failed to acknowledge Senator Carty who was due to present and was ready. Further, it was highlighted that a Horse and Pony show is been ran so as to silence the Opposition.

In referencing what transpired, Hon. Marcella Liburd reiterated that the post of the Deputy Speaker requires the holder to behave professionally and such has not been the case at all. MP Liburd drew reference to the Budget debate of 2015, where she was denied the fundamental right to speak during the National Debate because of the simple fact that the MP for #8 caught the Deputy Speaker’s eye and was allowed to put forth an adjournment.

In light of this, The Saint Kitts and Nevis Labour Party have signalled that their Democratic rights shall not be stifled upon.

The Attempt To Silence The St. Kitts And Nevis Labour Party: Deputy Speaker Stifling Democracy

Members Of The Opposition Express Their Views: Government Has To Be Forthright With What’s Happening At The Four Seasons Resort


SKN PULSE, Sunday 10 April, 2016 – Nevis is at a stand still, the economy is at its lowest ebb and some how Nevisians are expected to rise. The sale of the Four Seasons Resort has brought about serious debate across the landscape of Nevis. The discussions center around the Economic Impact, Closure, Elections, Deductions from the Retirement Fund and Renovations.

Having been in existence in Nevis for 25 years, the Four Seasons Resort  contributes approximately sixty five percent (65%) to the Nevisian economy and currently employs over 600 plus workers. Over the years, natural disasters have affected the hotel negatively thus causing major repairs, setbacks and layoffs.

Today, uncertainty looms as Nevisians are unclear of the true picture as it relates to the future of the Four Seasons Resort, be it closure – partial or total. Such were the sentiments expressed by MP in the Federal Parliament, Hon. Patrice Nisbett and MP in The Nevis Island Assembly,  Hon. Robelto Hector during their weekly interactive program, On Target with host, Mr. Cozier.

The opposition members while they welcomed the investment made by the new owners and supported the idea of a face lift for the hotel expressed that the government should be clear as to what would happen to the Four Seasons Resort and not seek to play partisan politics and have persons in limbo.

Coupled with that, MP Nisbett voiced his opinions on the Retirement Fund for employees, as it is alleged that the Nevis Island Administration is seeking to dip into the fund and take a ten percent (10%) cut. The retirement plan consist of monies invested upon by the employees. Nisbett outlined that the required deductions Social Services Levy and Social Security would have been paid and therefore the Retirement Fund has nothing to do with the NIA. Moreover, he opined that the Government has no legal authority to make such a move and reminded citizens that they can always seek legal redress.

“The date of closure must not hinge on the date of elections.”

Bearing this in mind, the rationale behind the Government’s alleged request to have the hotel hold off on repairs is that the ruling governing party  does not want laid off and unhappy Nevisian employees to influence the vote and otherwise vote against them. Thus, winning an election before the closure of the Four Seasons Resort and then having the lay – offs take effect seems like a ploy the government intend to adopt. Such an occurrence would cause further disaster to an almost dead economy; clearly illustrating a mantra of callousness which is often associated with the Cocerned Citizens Movement.


Sports Commentary:


History was created by the Darren Sammy led West Indies cricket team on Sunday 3 April 2016 in Kolkata India when the Caribbean Boys romped home in the final over of their encounter versus England when 19 runs were required. Carlos Braithwaite slammed the four deliveries he faced for six each to deliver a historical win and the Championship to his team that wasn’t given much of a chance by most of the analysts and commentators. A remarkable performance it was; this made the West Indies the first team to win the ICC T20 Championship twice and under the said Charismatic Captain, Sammy.

Darren Sammy was always adamant that his team would win the Championship. However, it was after his team’s outstanding performance that Sammy revealed at a Post Press Conference of the many issues that his team had to endure, he spoke to the pay dispute that surfaced with WIPA and the WICB, the disrespect the team received from the WICB, the neglect by the WICB to encourage the team in its pursuit of the Championship, the Grenadian Prime Minister’s encouragement message, the disrespectful remarks made by former England cricketer Mark Nicholas who referred to Sammy’s  team as being  ”Short of Brains” a  statement which I deem as being prejudice and slanderous and l would suggest legal action ought to be persued for no apology would erase the damage  it caused to the players pride.

With all this said the WICB is out  of place to suggest that reprimand actions would be taken against Darren Sammy for revealing the injustices against West Indian Players when in fact the WICB have failed miserably and are embarrassed and humiliated for the jealous actions carried out against certain players to have them marginalized from teams selected by the West Indies Selectors and Board alike and actions by WIPA a bargaining body used by the WICB to agree to contractual agreements while most of the players aren’t members of WIPA, a grave injustice to the players and total disrespect therefore I endorse disciplinary action for the WICB which would be to disband the WICB and rebrand our product.



The shocking death of promising cricketer Philo Wallace on that Friday night at Enrique’s Night Club located on the Island Main Road on the Western Side of the Elquemedo Willett Park in late October of 2015 created an animosity towards Police Officers. Today the resentment of officers has the potential to grow further as the echoes of “No Justice, No Peace” would be heard even louder.

“Justice Delayed, Justice Denied”: As news broke that the Inquest jury had ruled 4 to 1 in favour of the killing being a justifiable homicide, (self defence), citizens took to social media to vent their disgust with the decision rendered. From the onset, the handling or non-handling of the matter in arresting and charging the alleged shooter who happened to be an off duty officer was always a cause for concern.

Many would recall that the situation deteriorated further for in the eyes of the Public, the inquest which the High Command ordered was being done by their own and this was viewed as a bias against the deceased and an advantage for the accused.

After several weeks of the Coroner’s Inquest where several witnesses testified along with Investigators and a visit to the crime scene ordered by the Magistrate, the verdict was finally handed down on Thursday 10th March 2016 by the Magistrate which revealed that the Police Officer acted in “Self Defence” and was therefore cleared in this matter.

This outcome has the potential to further erode as there is already a mistrust of the Police by citizens of Nevis and by extension the Federation.

Gun Violence In SKN, What Does It Mean for 2016

Staff Writer / January 08, 2016 


Prime Minister Harris and his Cabinet meets with the high ranks of The Royal Saint Christopher And Nevis Police Force. (Photo: SKNIS)

Basseterre, Saint Kitts – A banker,  An entrepreneur,  A brother,  A father… Too many lives cut short.
Reminiscing on the year 2015, crime was marked by a sharp rise in gun related activities.

While it was peddled that the rate of crime overall may have dropped in 2015 when compared to certain intervals in 2014, the increase in gun violence has created quite a stir.


(Photo Caption: UN’s List Has Saint Kitts and Nevis As The Top Murder Capital City with 131.6 homicides per 100, 000 people.)

Heading into a new year, more than 85% of the 2015 homicides in Saint Kitts and Nevis were gun-realated. Interestingly enough, less than 15% of the case load has been processed to the point where charges have been brought. While in excess of 21 firearms have been removed off of the streets, our borders are largely unprotected and searches are scarce.

On the contrary, a Criminal Justice Board, A Four Year Strategic Plan, Changing The DPP and making changes to the high ranks may all be seen as positives but measures to curb gun violence are minimal and effective road block mapping is non-existent.

Strained relations between the police and the community has made crime fighting an even more difficult task. Three months after Philo Wallace’s death, the family hasn’t been able to get the answers that they so rightfully deserve, another gun related incident, another unsolved gun crime.

Clearly, the standard of policing and the severity to which Government deals with crime has to be vastly improved. If the public perception of crime is to change, then:
– Scotland Yard should be asked to assist Saint Kitts and Nevis.
– Regular monitoring of the coastline should occur.
-Permanent Security checkpoints at the ferry terminals.
-Enhanced community patrols.

The modus operandi has to change if the public behavior is to change.


SKNLP Highlights The Deception And Hypocrisy In The Budget Address.


Having continuously highlighted concerns about the Sugar Diversification Fund, Crime, Nepotism, Victimization and PEP, the Douglas led opposition response to the budget created a buzz in and around Basseterre, Charlestown and on the social media front.

On this backdrop, in response to the National Budget, the Former Prime Minister now Opposition Leader The Right Honourable Dr. Denzil Douglas used key words such as “fraud”, “deception” and “hypocrisy” to drive home his points about the Budget address as presented by Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris.

Topics ranged from the Citizenship By Investment Program to the 
Allocation of resources for Nevis to the Capisterre Farm among other issues. In light of this, questions where raised with specific regard to the budgetary allocations to the Nevis Island Administration. Bearing such in mind, Dr. Douglas highlighted and referenced that there were three different figures quoted for budgetary support to the Nevis Island Administration. In the first instance, the Former Prime Minister insisted that Prime Minister Harris had  previously stated that it was $15 million that was expended while the 2015 budget states $20 million and lastly the Nevis Premier in his budget address had put the figure at $25 million. As a result, Dr. Douglas called upon the Unity Government to be transparent as the Budgetary support for Nevis going forward seems to be hidden.

Added to this, Dr. Douglas used part of his presentation to speak to the Citizenship By Investment Program. In doing so, he highlighted the difficulty his then Labour Administration faced with the CBI and the mechanisms that were put in place to make the program more workable even after fierce opposition from the then Opposition Team Unity. Revelations were made about the contents of a letter addressed to the then Prime Minister, Dr. Denzil Douglas from US Secretary of State Mr. John Kerry about specific recommendations that should be undertaken by St. Kitts and Nevis. Further,  comparisons where made with regards to the CBI revenues made under the Douglas led Administration as compared to projections for the present administration, $325 million under Douglas as compared to a projected amount of $100 million,  (2017) under Team Unity.

Leader of the Opposition, The Right Honourable Dr. Denzil Douglas insisted that the solid economic foundation formulated by the then Saint Kitts and Nevis Labour Party Government paved way for the historic revenue collection.

The Opposition Senator, Mr. Carty, offered solutions as to how the government should have dealt with the Reach and PEP Programs respectively. Senator Carty after reiterating the purpose of the Reach Program and hinting that it’s no more, a revelation was made that the Reach Program is under review. While the Reach Program was used as a means to aid students financially,  it also allowed students to realise their academic dreams.

Moreover, as Senator Carty touched on other critical points in his presentation like the amount of new persons incorporated into the PEP, various interruptions were made but being in his element he continued to drive home his points.

The debate continues today with presentations from Honourable Konris Maynard, Honourable Marcella Liburd and Honourable Patrice Nisbett.