About Us

SKN PULSE is a local online news portal that cater for local, regional, international news, media ads, commercials and HTML5 website development. We are guided by our commitment to great value and service to the community and the islands of St.Kitts/Nevis and the wider Caribbean Region.

To make SKN PULSE MEDIA the preferred media destination of our guests by delivering outstanding and continuous innovations by providing the most accurate dissemination of information and the most fruitful solutions for advertising . GET MORE ! PAY LESS! (SKN PULSE) OUR PROMISE .


SKN PULSE – Where innovation and creativity intertwine, Get More, Pay Less. Our page represents the transformation structure to which we wish to deliver with regards to commercials, news delivery, advertisements, photo captions and media enhancements. Uniquely positioned as an online medium we will seek to serve multiple islands and countries respectively. SKN PULSE thus far has deviated from the norm and introduced SKN GOT TALENT REFLECTION, this highlights entertainers within Saint Kitts and Nevis and would be done each and every Saturday. Added to this, SPORTS REFLECTION is another initiative that has been introduced to bring light to the successes of Nevisian and Kittian Athletes within the Federation and in the Diaspora and such a feature will be done on the 24th of every month. With innovation and creativity being our watch words SKNP will always be on point with keeping our fans in-touched with our page. 

The expansion of our services would be unveiled in the coming months with the launch of our website at and a You -Tube page. Such mediums will ensure that a wider audience would be in tuned to the services and offers that would be readily available.

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