Photo Caption: File Photo Of Dr. Denzil Douglas
My Fellow Citizens and Residents, 
I share with you a Comment on the ongoing Debate in Barbados and the Other Signatory States of the RSS Treaty regarding the Deployment of RSS Troops in St Kitts and Nevis (SKN) a few days ago on the eve of our 33rd Independence anniversary against strong and vocal opposition from our citizens and residents. 
This comment was sent after the Media had reported on a Panel Discussion contribution of the 
DIRECTOR of Operations and Plans of the Regional Security System (RSS), Lieutenant Colonel Glyne Grannum on Co-ordination Mechanisms in Latin America and Caribbean Regions for Natural Hazards and New Security Threats. 
“Dr. Douglas;

The vision of this organization (RSS) was never meant to do domestic policing or to become a political policing tool for  inept administrations. 
Although, we all wish to protect the rights and property of our citizens, we must respect and recognize that an external army is a Band-Aid solution. We cannot downplay and destroy the economy, lower the living standards and then believe a friendly occupying force will resolve the crime problem. That view is myopic. The solution is more complex and is not as simple as that. Parading these occupiers as crime stoppers is anti-democratic and will cause permanent damage to the uniformed  men and women of the St. Kitts Nevis police and armed forces. It will weaken them and when the forces return to their off Island  barracks, the criminal faction will now be emboldened to act without fear of the local authority. How will they get that back?
There are examples around the world especially in the situations with sending in U.S. troops. Whenever, they leave the situations get worse, when they stay the countries suffer the humility of being called a conflict country which cannot manage its own issues. It is more often lose-lose than win-win. President Obama, has tried to change that, however, those who wish to protect their profits have used their political puppets to prevent such changes.
Good luck. ”
Little wonder that the government of Barbados has, to date, refused to deploy any of its security forces to join the occupying RSS Troops here. 
We understand that the Government of Barbados had directly advised the fragmented Coalition Government of Dr Harris and indirectly also through our Security Chiefs and the National Security Permanent Secretary when they visited Barbados, that it was a waste of Money and Time to mobilise the RSS in St Kitts and Nevis at this time.

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