WICB Is Failing: Lack of vision by the WICB and its selectors very troubling

​The West Cricket Board and its agents continues to destroy the moral of West Indies cricketers by their dumb and vindictive actions against players.  These actions are morally wrong, there has been a lot of negative talk concerning Darren Sammy’s statement at the Press Conference after winning the T20 championship in India earlier 2016 a feat which he also accomplished in 2012. 
Sammy’s actions were warranted for it is obvious that several players in the T20 team weren’t members of West Indies Players Association and therefore it was evident that their concerns weren’t being addressed. This seemingly created a rift with the West Indies Cricket Board. 

Sammy’s revelation exposed the extremely poor treatment that the team received from the Board especially regarding that tournament, it might also be interesting to note the pay package that was agreed to by the WICB and WIPA  changed significantly after Sammy’s outspoken attitude whose utterings were endorsed by Chis Gayle and Dwayne DJ Bravo and several former players .

However,  the WICB through its Barbados  Chairman of Selectors Courtney Browne have sacked the charismatic St.Lucian as captain of the T20 team claiming that after reviewing his performances the selectors doesn’t think Sammy would fit into their plans going forward .That is hard to accept for this action is seen as a form of revenge for Sammy’s revelation  which  the WICB regarded as embarrassing and humiliating. 
In concluding I think the WICB has failed the Players and fans and need to demit office  if West Indies Cricket is to return to its glory days.  There is talk of the WICB of conducting a two day retreat with all players which I regard as useless for the WICB  from the actions of itself and its agents against senior players. 

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