King Dis And Dat Crowned 2016 TDC Senior Kaiso Monarch

(Photo Caption: 2016 Kaiso Monarch – King Dis And Dat)

(St. Kitts and Nevis) SKN PULSE, Saturday  30th July 2016  – The 2016 Edition of the TDC sponsored Kaiso Monarch competition  on Friday 29th July 2016 didn’t surpass expectations at all. A low turn out,  the lack of familiarity with songs and the quality of some of the songs left a lot to be desired. 

Nevertheless as the night unfolded, the performances ran smoothly. King Astro was seeking to create history by winning the crown two years in a row.  However,  King Dis and Dat,  Hollywood,  Daddy Nature,  Enquirer, Nutsy, Irwin and Puppa Wheeler had other ideas. 

A confident Dis and Dat delivered a well received performance. He performed DE Solution and DE MBE. 

Clearly, his experience and creativity proved to be the deciding factor as the show progressed. Strong performances came from Hollywood, King Astro and Daddy Nature. While Astro defended well,  King Dis and Dat came more than prepared.

The smaller than usual crowd  were treated to songs that spoke mainly to Crime. Popular song of the night,  Ambassador by Hollywood evoked a sense of National Pride and he performed  the song credibly.   Stand out artist for the night Daddy Nature,  performed Voices of the Poor and One Caribbean; two songs that went over very well but unfortunately he didn’t place.  

At the end of the night, the judges determined that the results were as follows:

Winner – King Dis and Dat (816)
1st Runner Up – King Astro (785)
2nd Runner Up – Hollywood (752)

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