Police Update: Building Breaking And Larceny 

The following is an update of criminal activity that are been investigated by the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force:

Larceny from the person: Police is investigating a report of larceny that occurred about 9.00am on Friday, July 15 along South Independence Square Street.  Investigations reveal that the VC was walking along the named road when unknown male walked up behind her and pulled away her purse. The Purse contained one Social Security card, one National Bank Card, one Scotia bank card, one Cooperative Caribbean Credit Union Bank Card, one St. Kitts Nevis Driver’s License and $950.00 East Caribbean Currency. Officers from the CID are investigating. 

Robbery:  Police is investigating a report of robbery that occurred around 11.00pm on Friday, July 15 at the St. Johnson Community Centre.  Investigations revealed that a group of five persons were using the facility playing cards when three (3) masked men, dressed in dark clothing one armed with a pistol entered the building and robbed the group of their personal items including cellular phones, laptops and wallets.  The scene was processed by the Crime Scene Unit and the investigation is ongoing. 

Building Breaking and Larceny: Police is investigating a breaking and larceny that occurred at Upper Project Saddlers at about 9.30pm on 10th July 2016. The resident reported they went to sleep and when they awoke at about 5.30am on 11th July 2016 she discovered the house broken into. A number of items were stolen.  The scene was processed and the investigation continues.   

Building Breaking and Larceny: Police is investigating a breaking and larceny that occurred at Cunningham Street at about 5:30 pm. Residents reported one family member returned home to collect a bunch of keys and saw a young man who does not live there coming from the yard when questioned as to why he was there he stated that he is a friend of the family. Later that evening when the entire family returned they discovered that a number of items were stolen including a St. Kitts and Nevis passport’s.  The investigations continues.   

House Breaking and Larceny: Police is investigating a breaking and larceny that occurred at Marshall Alley. At about 6:00 am resident secured their house an left for work. Upon return home from work at about 2:25 pm and upon entering the house they discovered that the middle north western bedroom Miami louvre was twisted and broken open.  Upon checking the other bedrooms they observed that the rear north west bedroom door was opened.  The residents son stated that they left home for work at about 9:00 am and he secured all windows and doors. He  further stated that upon checking the front south east bedroom he discovered that his personal electronics were gone along with other house items.

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