Nevis Island Assembly Meets After Seven Months Hiatus

Representatives of the Nevis island Assembly

Written By: T. Chapman

St Kitts and Nevis (SKNP): The Concerned Citizens Movement led administration headed by Premier Vance Amory on Tuesday (July 12) tabled an amended ordinance for the purpose of increasing the Nevis government’s borrowing capacity.

A move that comes seven (7) months after a budget that was passed in 2015 and two weeks after the Nevis Reformation Party representatives in the local island Assembly highlighted that regular meetings of Parliament weren’t been held.

Speaking in the Nevis Island Assembly, Premier Amory said the Nevis Development Loans Amendment Ordinance 2016 is an important one for the people of Nevis. Further he stated that ” originally the bill or the legislation was to provide for loans of $14 million dollars and then amendment in 1989 saw an increase in the request through this assembly to $25 million and then subsequent amendments in 1993 which moved the amount which the bill sought to allow the administration to borrow as an upper limit to $75 million dollars. Then we saw an increase from $75 million by amendment in 2000 to $125 million and then the last of those amendments in 2003 saw the amendment being sought to increase the borrowings of that administration to $225 million. Since that time Mr. President, we have seen an increase in the borrowings of the administration that exceed that amount of $225 million and today we’ve come to get this honourable house to provide the over-arching legislating framework to permit the borrowing capacity to be increased to $300 million.” 

The bill is a hot topic on social media and is causing some concern especially since the NIA has received millions from the Federal Government and since Senator Liburd would have expressed sometime ago that the government is in the process of negotiating a US $140 million dollar loan.

The lone representative of the Nevis Reformation Party present at the sitting, Hon. Robelto Hector during his presentation raised some pertinent points relating to but not limited to an email sent by a government Minister that forced a reaction from the government benches that caused the speaker to act.

In response, Mr. Hector said, “Mr. President, you have found yourself in a very unfortunate position where you have to play umpire and supporter”. 

As a result, the President Mr. Farrell Smithen then went on to caution Hon. Robelto Hector that he will not hear anymore on the issues presented. 

This inturn led to Mr. Hector being denied extra time as the Premier on a point of order insisted that a request for extra time shouldn’t be given.

Fracas Between Brantley and Hector:

In direct response to Mr. Hector’s presentation Hon. Brantley sought to discuss the same matter that Hon. Hector was cautioned about.

However, the re-entry into the Assembly Halls, saw Minister Hector standing up to defend himself.

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