Editorial: Could poor cricket commentary also be affecting spectator turnout at cricket matches?

By: T. Chapman

The job of a commentator is to make the proceedings of a cricket game seem like reading a novel to the listener. The tone and the use of words should bind the listener to the game.

In St.Kitts and Nevis for example, cricket commentary has fallen off terribly in recent years.

With CPL taking place taking in the Federation, it must be noted that the level of commentary leaves alot to be desired. 

Clearly, the Leeward Islands Board the CPL franchise and the West  Indies Cricket board needs to address such matters. 
There are certain prerequisites that are required to be a commentator which are as follows: 

– having a good understanding of the game

– knowing the field placements

– being able to give a good description of the live proceedings

– being able to give a historical perspective of the players and teams

– having a good command of the English Language.

Does the current crop of commentators possess the necessary qualities? If so what is the criteria for selecting commentators?

Commentary of yester-year ushered in spectators who were still glued to their radios to get ball by ball commentary whether at the park or elsewhere. Today the situation is very different.

Bearing these pointers in mind, the necessary workshops to enhance the level of commentary should be facilitated to ensure that when regional and international games are held, the commentary is of a high standard. 

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