ReggaeRap tm’s Tenth (10th) Year Anniversary ‘ 




Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor , King , Inventor and Pioneer of ReggaeRap tm and Prince of Dancehall , is the ‘Leader of the ReggaeRap tm School . Making waves in 44 countries worldwide, pioneering his genre,  ReggaeRap tm spins on the radio over 345 weeks along with his dancehall forte . Owner of RKELG and Boss of Rude Mafia, RMF for short , Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor governs twelve (12) artists, three (3) djs in RMF and leads 7 producers at his label RKELG. 

Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor is leading the trend in Costa Rica, with the moombahton/reggaerap remix produced by RKELG recently signed dancehall,edm,moombahton, reggaeton producer Dj Otoya. Set to release the hyper bass riddim compilation album and commencing production of the big fete riddim compilation , Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor is leading RKELG to the next level. 

Leading his crew and genre in releases, Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor recently release reggaerap tm singles Infamous, Stuck with Us, How We Roll and dancehall singles Wave Yuh Hand, Kissifer , Hear me when I Call/ Heavenly Father jungle remix w/ Pure Blakks (RMF Crooner), while his hits Lordy, Lordy, I Shot the Sheriff & the Deputy, Hear me when I Call/Heavenly Father , Dem nuh Bad like RMF from his debut mixtape albums Boss of RMF pt.1 & pt.2 continue to blaze the airwaves.  

Featured as three time (3x) Young Entrepreneur of the Year on CNN, Inc Magazine (over 500K sold), Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Washington Business Journal (WBJ),  Washington Informer, Baltimore Sun, NBC 4/CH 8-Pat Lawson-Muse , Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor portfolio of companies also includes Vibez Universal, llc which garnered Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor spot on the 2015-16 major worldwide tour starring Katt Williams & Friends.  

Nephew to Jamaican reggae singer ,Nadine Sutherland ‘Action’ and cousin to international reggae artist Popcaan Sutherland , Rude Kid-da-ReggaeRap Inventor is being sought after by E-1 distribution (fmr Koch Records), Sony Music, Def Jam, Wu-Tang Records and Clive Davis (Sony Brd Mbr). The leader of ReggaeRap school is also featured in numerous entertainment media including the cover of the Reggae Source magazine, Black Star News (BSN) cover, Carib Press magazine, Reloaded magazine,, radio one, infinity stations, caribbean , college  and online radio stations worldwide.  

Contact: Denton A. Malcolm  Corp: DAMCO> RKELG  Ph: 202-704-9670 

Web :

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