Sprinters Unfairly Blaming SKNOC

Sports Commentary:

It’s rather unfortunate that a couple of the Federation’s  sprinters are laying blame on the St. Kitts and Nevis Olympic Committee, (SKNOC) for various issues.


Photo Caption: Athletes gearing up for the 100m at the National Championships held at the Kim Collins Stadium

2012 – A Memory That Won’t Fade: The Federation’s sprinting icon Kim Collins refused to meet with the Executive Body of the SKNOC based on the way a particular situation was addressed at the London Olympics in 2012 which led to his non-participation in the summer games. Being frustrated at the way things unfolded, Collins even remarked after the unfortunate situation words to the effect that he will never represent the Federation of St.Kitts/Nevis again.

However, in recent times after enjoying one of his better seasons, Collins has shown interest in representing the Federation in the Rio 2016 Olympics. In an interview with Nufflong television he felt that he should of been given an automatic pass instead of having to compete in trials which he eventually missed owing to injury.

The Minister of Sports Hon. Shawn Richards convened a meeting with the SKNOC at Government headquarters so as to find a workable solution to move forward. It must be noted though that neither the Minister or the Government has any control over the SKNOC. The consensus from this meeting is that hopefully in July a quiet meeting with Collins would pave the way for better relations.

In other developments, at the National Championships, the SKNOC experienced some technical difficulties at the trials over the weekend at the Kim Collins Stadium which wasn’t totally their fault.

Nevertheless, to add insult to injury, the National Championship held over the weekend has been given an ‘H’, (Horrible) grade as professional athlete, Antoine Adams vented his frustrations towards the SKNOC, (qualifying times were unavailable; power outage at the Kim Collins Stadium, Technical Difficulties).

In a sponsored post through social media, Adams penned “As a professional athlete, competing in meets all over the world, I have to give my own National Championships an “H” for horrible and that some of your very own world class athletes were cheated out of a chance at qualifying for the Olympics”, which is very unfortunate to say the least.


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