Airport Road, June 11, 2016 – WINAIR is pleased to announce we have acquired an additional DHC-6 300 aircraft for our summer season.


This aircraft will allow WINAIR to serve new markets and will also enhance our ability to provide additional charter services from our hub in St. Maarten.
Historically WINAIR has operated three (3) DHC-6 300 aircraft in the summer periods. Thanks to a growing customer base and demand WINAIR will now increase to four (4) aircraft.


In picture: St. Maarten Civil Aviation Keeven Duzong and WINAIR Quality assurance manager Gerardus Boersma finalizing official certification of WINAIR’s additional DHC-6 300 aircraft PJ-WCD

Michael Cleaver, President & CEO: “I would like to thank all employees in St. Maarten and the islands we serve for their hard work in providing excellent customer service and the supervisory board of directors for their continued confidence in future growth of WINAIR.”


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