Dr. Drew insists that an aid package should be organized to assist Venezuela


Photo Caption: Constituency Representative For Constituency #8, Dr. Terrance Drew

Basseterre St. Kitts – “Are we takers or are we a nation of builders?” Constituency representative for constituency # 8, Dr. Terrance Drew during his weekly discourse on the popular Issues Program on Freedom Fm expressed his displeasure with the non-action of the Government with regards to the recent developments in Venezuela while also driving home his point that the time to give back is now.


Photo Caption: Venezuelan Citizens Rush For Food, (Credit: Breitbart)

Currently the situation in Venezuela is so dire and disturbing that it has caused major concern in the Diaspora. According to a publication on Breitbart, “On May 13, the current embattled President Nicolas Maduro signed a sixty-day state of emergency decree on Television.” Predictions are high that his term will come to a premature end as persons are forced to eat their pets to survive. Media outlets describe the events in Venezuela as one that ‘Mirrors the Apocalypse.’


Photo Caption: A Supermarket Shelf In Venezuela, (Credit: Breitbart)

Bearing such in mind, Dr. Drew emphasized that “Venezuela came to our aid” and the time has come to give back. Such a displeasure with the non-action of the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis comes on the backdrop of the contributions that Venezuela has made to St. Kitts and Nevis. Most recently assistance was provided to the Federal Government to the tune of $16 000 000 to fullfil their promise of compensating Sugar Workers as per the arrangements of the Sugar Diversification Fund and a loan of
$5 000 000 for the Fresh Start Program to help small businesses. Through the ALBA agreement, (SKN signed on in December 14th 2014) assistance could be had for Health, Education, Culture and Finance. Further, the PetroCaribe agreement also ensured that oil was provided at a reduced cost to St. Kitts and Nevis and other regional territories.

In light of this, Dr. Drew emphasized that the situation in Venezuela isn’t one of choosing chicken or steak or choosing evaporated milk or box milk but rather one of life and death. As a result, Dr. Drew sought to provide recommendations that he deems necessary and fitting to assist Venezuela.

A recommendation was made for the Government to speak to what is happening in Venezuela. Dr. Drew also recommends that the Government should use part of the funds received from the European Union and a portion of the remaining funds from the Sugar Diversification Fund to donate to Venezuela. Further, the Constituency #8 representative used the opportunity to urge citizens to give to Venezuela when the times arises.

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