Basseterre, St. Kitts, April 27, 2016 (SKNIS):  Services at The Sir Lee L. Moore Legal and Judicial Complex in Basseterre are suspended until further notice due to a small electrical fire that broke out on the roof of the complex on April 26, 2016. An announcement will be made as to the reopening of the building.

Public Works has been charged with the responsibility of immediate remediation.

The Magistrate’s Court, High Court and High Court Registry are housed within that building. The Fire Department was called and an evaluation was done both by the Fire Department and Public Works.

Several concerns were lodged over the incident which include:

The wiring to the air-conditioning units were being run on the rooftop as the conduits within the building were in deplorable condition; the wires were exposed to the elements and as such weathering had caused breakdown of the insulation; the wires were sitting in areas of the roof which were prone to settled water and as such were being lifted from the rooftop by pieces of board; and the condition of the electrical with respect to the AC units was in a state which could lead to a fire at any point in time.

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