Sports Commentary:


History was created by the Darren Sammy led West Indies cricket team on Sunday 3 April 2016 in Kolkata India when the Caribbean Boys romped home in the final over of their encounter versus England when 19 runs were required. Carlos Braithwaite slammed the four deliveries he faced for six each to deliver a historical win and the Championship to his team that wasn’t given much of a chance by most of the analysts and commentators. A remarkable performance it was; this made the West Indies the first team to win the ICC T20 Championship twice and under the said Charismatic Captain, Sammy.

Darren Sammy was always adamant that his team would win the Championship. However, it was after his team’s outstanding performance that Sammy revealed at a Post Press Conference of the many issues that his team had to endure, he spoke to the pay dispute that surfaced with WIPA and the WICB, the disrespect the team received from the WICB, the neglect by the WICB to encourage the team in its pursuit of the Championship, the Grenadian Prime Minister’s encouragement message, the disrespectful remarks made by former England cricketer Mark Nicholas who referred to Sammy’s  team as being  ”Short of Brains” a  statement which I deem as being prejudice and slanderous and l would suggest legal action ought to be persued for no apology would erase the damage  it caused to the players pride.

With all this said the WICB is out  of place to suggest that reprimand actions would be taken against Darren Sammy for revealing the injustices against West Indian Players when in fact the WICB have failed miserably and are embarrassed and humiliated for the jealous actions carried out against certain players to have them marginalized from teams selected by the West Indies Selectors and Board alike and actions by WIPA a bargaining body used by the WICB to agree to contractual agreements while most of the players aren’t members of WIPA, a grave injustice to the players and total disrespect therefore I endorse disciplinary action for the WICB which would be to disband the WICB and rebrand our product.

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