Basseterre, St. Kitts, April 04, 2016 (RSCNPF):  Three juveniles in Nevis have been charged with armed robbery and assault with intent to commit armed robbery stemming from an investigation into two incidents last week in Hamilton, Nevis. 


The investigations began on March 29, when a resident in the area called the police to report that

two young men wearing dark clothing and carrying cutlasses were approaching their property. They immediately went inside, secured the premises and called the police. As a result of this investigation, a neighbour came forward and reported  that the day prior (March 28) they were robbed of a sum of money by two young men in dark clothing, wearing dark glasses and carrying cutlasses.


A search of the area on March 29, uncovered the cutlasses, black gloves, and other items. One of the young men was found hiding in some bushes in close proximity and was taken into custody.  The other two juveniles were later detained. 


One of the juveniles was also charged for the larceny of a farm in the area.


Head of the Criminal Investigations Department(Nevis) Inspector Alanzo Carty said, “I applaud the courage of the residents in calling the police and coming forward.  We can only arrest crime and criminal activity if it is reported.”  He added, “I urge our communities to share any information they may have regarding any criminal activity that has occurred in our community.  You can do so by calling any police station or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-8477(TIPS),  if you see something, say something.” 

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