The Headlines: Cop Walks, Missing Teen Found Dead, Shots Fired


SKN PULSE, Saturday 12 March 2016 – Trouble in the Federation, “Oh What A Week”. Since the discovery of the missing teen’s body, Tyrique Duncan in St. Kitts, the Cop in Philo Wallace’s case was freed and the 9th murder was recorded on Nevis.

Citizens of the Federation were given a rude awakening as the much talked about matter with Philo Wallace caused Nevisians and Kittians alike to voice their opinions as the accused officer walked free on Thursday 10 March after the jury returned a 4-1 verdict.

The judge ruled it a justifiable homicide, (self defence).

As the minutes and seconds faded, a father’s pain returned instantly after his hope for Justice was dashed, while a mother wept at the site where her son was found. How would these parents cope?

One suspect is in custody assisting police with Tyrique’s case.

Ninth Murder On Nevis:

A day after, shots rang out in Rawlins, Gingerland. At approximately 7:47 pm, a 39 year old was shot according to a press release from the Public Relations Office of The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force. Initial investigations revealed that the victim was shot several times about the body by a lone masked gunman.  

While the victim was taken to the hospital and operated on, reports indicate that while there he succumbed to his injuries.

Hence, Nevis has recorded the 9th Murder in the Federation. Confirmed reports state that the deceased Mark Williams, (Prezzy) a resident of Cherry Garden was originally from St. Kitts.

Condolences are exteneded to the family of the deceased.

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