Former West Indies Team Manager, Richard ‘Ricky’ Skerritt Included In Review Team


Photo Caption: Former Senator And Former West Indies Team Manager, Mr Ricky Skerritt

SKN PULSE, Tuesday 8 March 2016 –
Former West Indies Team Manager, (2000-2004) and WICB Non-Member Director (CARICOM Nominee), Mr. Richard ‘Ricky’ Skerritt has been named among independents to undertake a review process of the WICB. The review team also includes Non Member Director, Mr. Clifford Reis.

Independent director Mr. Don Wehby will lead the review team.

Such a process will assess the undone recommendations from the Lucky, Patterson and Wilkin reports respectively. Through the passage of time, the reports were instrumental in offering suggestions with regards to changes that ought to be made by the WICB, its governance and management structures.

According to Cameron, the terms of reference of this team, will focus primarily on the recommendations that have not been implemented and for the team to examine if there is an opportunity to bring anything back to the Territorial Boards and the WICB for adoption by the shareholders.

Cameron is of the view that once this process is complete, a change management expert will be brought in to finalize the process for a smooth transition.

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