Kieran Powell To Be Featured On MLB Network


(Photo Caption: Former West Indian Cricketer – Kieran Powell)

SKN PULSE, Basseterre, St. Kitts – “”My goal is to get signed,” Powell said. “Any team that gives me an opportunity will be rewarded 100 times over. Once I get the opportunity, I’ll show that I can learn quickly and improve my game. I want to be in the majors in two or three years.”

Since Kieran Powell has declared his hands and opted to play baseball, media attention has caused him to earn the spot light. Powell has been covered by top media organisations such as New York Times, USA Today, Elite Sports NY, Sports Illustrated, the Examiner among many others. Ultimately, Powell’s decision to transition to a new sport, Baseball has provided great publicity for Cricket, Baseball, (MLB) and Mr. Kieran Powell.

As a result, this has had a powerful impact for Mr. Powell. Thus far, his story has totalled in excess of 229 million web impressions. With his sights set on being a two sport athlete, Mr. Powell continues to capitalize on web impressions since he was drafted into the St. Kitts and Nevis Patriots team for the upcoming CPL season.This in itself created some debate among cricket lovers.

The charismatic Powell continues to train and make himself available for interviews. With that said, The former powerful Nevisian and West Indian Cricket Player Kieran Powell will be featured on an MLB Network special on Monday night. Such a feature will focus on documenting the process and training regiment throughout his various workouts with major league teams.

While Kieran has received numerous offers, managment is trying to decipher which offer makes the most sense.

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