Green House – Heats Champions At The Charlestown Primary School.


(Photo Caption: 1st Place Winner For Junior Boys, Kamarley Newton)

Charlestown, Nevis – Students, parents and well wishers alike were treated to a final showdown to determine the 2016 Heats Champions at Ramsbury on Friday 5th February when the Charlestown Primary School held its final two scheduled events on the Heats calendar.


(Photo Caption: Event By Event Score Sheet)

With a tie going into the Junior Boys and Girls cross country for grades five, (5) and six, (6), it meant Green or Blue House had to bring their A-game, (Green -819, Blue – 819, Red – 733). However, at the end of the tallying, red reigned supreme for these two events as they received some 95 points. They were followed closely by Green House who amassed 83 points and Blue House scored 75 points.

Hence, the final scores ensured a victory for Green House as they only needed to edge Blue House in the point column for this final event.

Results from the Major Road Events are as follows:

Intermediate Girls Cross Country:
1st – Rashida Martin
2nd – Telisha Walters
3rd – Anira Wilkes

Intermediate Boys Cross Country:
1st – C’jahnte Griffin
2nd – Jariel Jimerez
3rd – Zidane Hull

Junior Girls Cross Country:
1st – Alexa Villanueva
2nd -Shanae Grante
3rd -Sarah Ghandeo

Junior Boys Cross Country:
1st – Kamarley Newton
2nd -DayKwan Wyatt
3rd – Jadan Liburd

Final Heat Scores:
1st -Green House  – 902
2nd -Blue House – 894
3rd- Red House – 828

The Charlestown Primary School Sports will be held at the Elquemedo Willet Park on Wednesday 24th February 2016. All are invited.

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