Gun Violence In SKN, What Does It Mean for 2016

Staff Writer / January 08, 2016 


Prime Minister Harris and his Cabinet meets with the high ranks of The Royal Saint Christopher And Nevis Police Force. (Photo: SKNIS)

Basseterre, Saint Kitts – A banker,  An entrepreneur,  A brother,  A father… Too many lives cut short.
Reminiscing on the year 2015, crime was marked by a sharp rise in gun related activities.

While it was peddled that the rate of crime overall may have dropped in 2015 when compared to certain intervals in 2014, the increase in gun violence has created quite a stir.


(Photo Caption: UN’s List Has Saint Kitts and Nevis As The Top Murder Capital City with 131.6 homicides per 100, 000 people.)

Heading into a new year, more than 85% of the 2015 homicides in Saint Kitts and Nevis were gun-realated. Interestingly enough, less than 15% of the case load has been processed to the point where charges have been brought. While in excess of 21 firearms have been removed off of the streets, our borders are largely unprotected and searches are scarce.

On the contrary, a Criminal Justice Board, A Four Year Strategic Plan, Changing The DPP and making changes to the high ranks may all be seen as positives but measures to curb gun violence are minimal and effective road block mapping is non-existent.

Strained relations between the police and the community has made crime fighting an even more difficult task. Three months after Philo Wallace’s death, the family hasn’t been able to get the answers that they so rightfully deserve, another gun related incident, another unsolved gun crime.

Clearly, the standard of policing and the severity to which Government deals with crime has to be vastly improved. If the public perception of crime is to change, then:
– Scotland Yard should be asked to assist Saint Kitts and Nevis.
– Regular monitoring of the coastline should occur.
-Permanent Security checkpoints at the ferry terminals.
-Enhanced community patrols.

The modus operandi has to change if the public behavior is to change.


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