Dissatisfaction With The Announcement Of Soca Monarch Results


Basseterre,  Saint Kitts – A successful staging of the Soca Monarch Competition that comprised of both the Groovy and Power Segments were given high marks up until the misunderstanding/mishap/confusion with the announcement of the results.

While the Soca Monarch Competition was marked with controversy prior to the final show, kudos must be given to the competitors and winners who brought it on the final night.

In light of this, patrons became puzzled when the results were relayed as it left room for fans and well-wishers to insinuate that something was amiss.


(Photo Caption: Results Which Were Posted On The Facebook Page For The Carnival Committee.)

Initially, a third runner-up was announced, followed by a second runner-up and then the King. Clearly, that caused persons to become confused. Further, an update of the St. Kitts And Nevis National Carnival Page, revealed a photo update with results which were posted and also indicated that a third runner-up was accommodated for.

Whether this was a slight error or a major error by the announcer it was sufficient enough for clarity to be sought and an announcement made with regards to the previous revelation. This left persons puzzled thus a press release addressing what went wrong should be forthcoming.

The official results after they were reannounced are as follows:


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