Political Grandstanding By Medical Practitioners Used As A Means To An End Mechanism: What’s The Real Motive Behind The Review Of Dr. Drew’s Statement By The Medical Board?


It’s rather appalling that a newscaster and Medical Practioners, (Wilkinson, Sahaley and Jeffers) are attempting to castigate Dr. Terrance Drew – The popular St.Kitts/Nevis Labour Party representative for constituency #8 over a statement made during an edition of Issues on Wednesday 18th November 2015 sponsored by the Saint Kitts and Nevis Labour Party.

During the last sitting of parliament the Hon. Prime Minister used the opportunity to launch attacks against individuals knowing fully well that he has parliamentary protection and that individuals wouldn’t be able to respond.

One such individual was Dr. Drew and he responded in kind and made reference to a procedure carried out overseas, (as vague as the statement was, many made their own inferences from it). It is clear that the matter being referenced was during a time when Dr. Drew wasn’t even a Medical Practitioner, therefore one has to term the castigating by some Medical Practitioners as political grandstanding and hypocrisy.

If one were to read the published article relating to the medical Practitioners responses, immediate questions would have to be asked.
1) What sparked a response by Dr. Terrance Drew?
2) Is there some sort of political agenda been carried out against Dr. Terrance Drew?
3) Are there persons within the medical fraternity that are of the view that the good Doctor is fast becoming too popular?
4) How can citizens trust the judgment of a Medical Board that:
    –  may be tainted with bias. 

Clearly, the general populace would be awaiting the findings of the much anticipated review that would be carried out because many would remember that during the political campaign and up until now Cuba and Doctors were heavily criticized. Silence was golden then because the brunt of the attack was against the SKNLP.

If proper investigative journalism was done such a publication would not have been viewed as being politically driven.

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