Nepotism Continues Under The Concoction: MRI Facility On Monkey Farm.


SKN PULSE, Basseterre, St.Kitts – St. Kitts would be home to an initiative of which the Harris Dynasty will be the beneficiary. Information reaching this medium suggests that a relative of a particular minister would be in charge of this initiative which is located on a Monkey Farm in Estridge Estate.

While such a business is vital to the Health care system of a country,  the rise of a family dynasty is fast emerging while our small businesses continue to struggle.
In the face of all this one is left to wonder if the “family” that was referred to by the concoction was referenced to mean Ministers of government families rather than the masses.

As residents continue to ask for the $500 that was promised or the increase promised to PEP workers, we are instead coming to grips with victimization in-terms of termination, demotion and extended vacation.

Clearly the citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis are slowly understanding the notion “No barl for who a go, barl for who a come”.

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