Irish Town Primary Launches Prefect Programme.


(Photo Caption: Irish Town Primary School Students.)

(EMU) – St. Kitts, November, 2, 2015: Twenty four grade six students of the Irish Town Primary School were inducted as prefects on Monday 2nd November, as the school officially launched its Prefect Programme as part of the Child Friendly Schools Initiative.

In a brief ceremony held at the school, Senior Education Officer, Mrs. Debbie Isaac, Principal, Mrs. Jean Boddie-Nisbett and members of the staff at the Irish Town Primary, parents and students witnessed the enthusiastic sixth-graders sworn in as prefects.

Guidance Counsellor and architect for the Programme, Mrs. Deslyn Belle Watson stated in an overview of the programme, “The Irish Town Primary School Prefect Programme is designed specifically to give students an opportunity to develop both their leadership and communication skills.
As we entrust students with new responsibilities through this programme we are certain that we will realise a positive change in our school’s environment and this would also afford all students a network of support.”

The commencement of the school term brought training sessions which were conducted to prepare the students for the role.  The training sessions exposed them to topics such as, being good role models, observing the rules and regulations and conflict resolution. All students, regardless of academics and/or behavioural issues were exposed to the Perfecting Programme training sessions.

Senior Education Officer, Mrs. Isaac congratulated the Principal, Guidance Counsellor and staff as well as the prefects and urged them to continue the good work.  She also stated, “Prefects are not perfect.” And urged the staff and parents to not pressure the children into being perfect.  “Do not discourage the students by making them feel like they are not doing their best, seek to encourage them in every way,” indicated Mrs. Isaac.

Under the motto, ‘Follow me to excellence’ the vision of the Prefect Programme is to effect positive change and improvement in the school through mentoring, monitoring and modelling of good behaviour.

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