Reflection On The Life Of Mrs. Veronica Liburd.


(Photo Caption: Mr. & Mrs. Liburd.)

By: Dr. Terrance Drew.

I have known Mrs. Veronica Liburd ever since I have known my self. She was my immediate next door neighbor for many years.

Her kindness and caring spirit were her highlights. She was always concerned about the youths of the community of St. Peter’s. She would always enquire about how we were behaving and how we were performing in school. She would invite us all to the parties that she and her husband Cedric would organize for her children.She had converted her yard to a playground and her residence to a community center.

Moreover, she taught most of us from the community at that time. She taught me in grade one. To this day, the wonderful moments are fresh in my mind. I can not remember a time when she ever shouted. Such a calm spirit.

Her dedication to her family was extraordinary. An example not only for St. Peters but the nation on a whole . She never wavered in her commitment as a wife or mother .

When I heard the news, to say that I was stunned and saddened is really an understatement.

I immediately got to the hospital very early that morning. I had to see her and give my support. When I approached the bedside, she looked so peaceful and calm that even in death she projected the best of human quality. It brought a sense of calmness all over me as the tears fell from my eyes.

Mrs. Liburd, thank you for all that you gave as a teacher, neighbor and comrade.

May her soul rest in eternal peace and may God keep her family close in his arms.

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