One By One Unity Governments Are Falling: Saint Maarten To Have Fifth Government Since It Became An Autonomous Country.


SKN PULSE, Basseterre, St. Kitts– Trending in the Caribbean Region as of late is the concept of a “Unified Approach To Governance”. Although it was accepted in Trinidad and adopted elsewhere, the trend is slowly but surely reversing itself. What transpired in the halls of parliament in Saint Maarten yesterday, when the Gumbs government fell shortly after 12.30 p.m (Wednesday, September 30, 2015) is testament to the fact that conflicts and fallouts are more prone to Coalition parties with different agendas.

A surprised motion of no-confidence submitted by Democratic Party MP Sarah Wescot-Williams sent chills through some members of the governing body as the ultimate vote was in favour of the motion. The vote count was as follows,  8 in favour of the motion (MPs Silveria Jacobs, Christophe Emmanuel, George Pantophlet, William Marlin (National Alliance), Sarah Wescot-Williams (Democratic Party), Frans Richardson (independent), Maurice Lake and Silvio Matser (United People’s party).)
and 7 against ( UP-members Johan Leonard, Theo Heyliger, Tamara Leonard, Lloyd Richardson and Franklin Meyers and independent MPs Cornelius de Weever and Leona Marlin-Romeo.) If this wasn’t surprising enough coalition-members Silvio Matser, Maurice Lake and Frans Richardson defected and supported the motion of the opposition. This in itself lends to the thought that the government side had different factions.

While Saint Maarten is set to have there fifth government, it must be noted that the Coalition Government in Trinidad has fallen after a very keenly contested election earlier in September. Therefore, all eyes are now on Guyana and Saint Kitts and Nevis as they too have Coalition Governments at the helm.

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