Nevis Solid Waste Management Authority Collection Trucks Fuel Tanks Filled With Water.


(Photo Caption: Water Drained From Fuel Tanks)

SKN PULSE, Sunday 27th September 2015 – Social Media was abuzz early this morning as Manager for the Nevis Solid Waste Management Authority, published a post on the ever popular facebook about a cowardly act that hampered garbage collection.

The post highlighted the fact that both the Manager – Mr. Hendrickson and Operations Manager – Mr. R. Browne were at the Low Ground Landfill since 4 o’clock (am) this morning as all of the running collection Trucks, including the 2 Brand New 2016 Kenworths were sabotaged. Even though it was stated that a security detail was present on property, it is believed that during the course of last night, approximately 3 gallons of water was dumped into the fuel tank of each truck. Such actions required the draining of the tanks which were done thus allowing one of the trucks to operate within the Charlestown area.


(Photo Caption: Operations Manager- R. Browne draining the water)

Even after such an act it’s good to note that the NSWMA were able to respond quickly and find resolve. General Manager, Mr. Hendrickson expressed the following through his personal Facebook account: “On behalf of my Minister Honorable Mark Brantley , Chairman Carlisle Pemberton and the NSWMA Board, I publicly state that we remain committed and steadfast in our quest to make Nevis a cleaner and healthier place to live. No weapon formed against these objectives shall succeed, and we appeal to anyone with information to come forward and say what they know. NSWMA needs your prayers and support more than ever now. Rise up and condemn this attack on the NSWMA. I thank the police also for their quick response and professionalism in their investigations thus far. Interrogations are on the way and I wish the Police best of luck as they seek to apprehend the culprit(s).”

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