People’s National Movement Victorious At The Polls: Dr. Keith Rowley – Prime Minister Elect For The Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.


(Photo Caption: Prime Minister Elect: Dr. Keith Rowley.)

SKN PULSE, Tuesday 8th September, 2015 – The wind of change continues to sweep through the Caribbean Region as The People’s Partnership (UNC) were defeated at the polls by the People’s National Movement, (PNM). Monday 7th September 2015 saw the end to Kamla Persuad Bissessar’s reign in power after serving just one term. Clearly, the election esults are an indication that the electorate were weary of the unified stance and desired a fresh outlook towards governance.

Any government that seeks to hold on to the reigns of power must exihiby persons with integrity, practice transparency and be accountable. For many Trinidadians, corruption, nepotism, cronyism and abuse of power may have influenced them to consider a change. Kamla’s reign at the helm saw the dismissal of then MP Jack Warner and in the last few weeks leading up to the election, the resignation of the then MP Mr. Winston ‘Gypsy’ Peters provides just a small insight to the conflict and complex personalities that existed in the People’s Partnership. The question that the UNC would be asking, where did we fall short?

Nevertheless, depsite the harsh campaign and the usual back and forth exhibit political contest was blessed with showers of blessings that caused polling divisions to be closed at 7:00 (pm). The final count revealed that the People’s National Movement were able to secure 23 seats while The People’s Partnership, (UNC) were only able to secure 18 seats. Both leaders of the respective parties were able to win their  seats by comfortable margins. Other winners are depicted in the pictures below.


(Photo Caption: Some Of The PNM Winners)


(Photo Caption: Some Of The UNC Winners.)

Party Supporters Of PNM Celebrate:

Celebrations kicked off in Diego Martin, home turf of Prime Minister Elect Dr. Keith Rowley as constituents and well wishers took to the streets after a hard fought election.


(Photo Caption: PNM Supporters Celebrating)


(Photo Caption: Celebrations Continues In Another Part Of Trinidad)

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