Tropical Storm Danny A No-Show: Counting The Cost.


SKN PULSE, Tuesday, 25th August 2015 -Business activity in Saint Kitts and Nevis will return to normal after a no-show by Tropical Storm Danny. While there was little to no damage from the system, the safety mechanisms put in place tells the tale to which alerts are adhered to.

While safety was of critical importance, the closure of the private and public sector has its adverse effects. Preparations, diversions and the disruptions of normal activities will have an impact whether on the government coffers, private sector or even general employees. For example:
– Employees lose a day’s Salary worth an average of $175.
– Preparations, Diversions and Disruptions worth an average estimate of $35,000. Factoring labour cost and material cost it may amount to more.

The storm, which was expected to make landfall early Monday morning, turned out to be nothing more than a few scattered showers and light winds.

As a result of the alerts posted due to Tropical Storm Danny, several airlines were also forced to cancel flights to the region over concerns about the storm. Most notably, regional carrier LIAT cancelled the majority of their flights enroute to Barbados, Saint Kitts, Tortola and St. Thomas. This action prompted their clients to rebook in some instances.

Bearing such in mind, as the day progressed on Monday, flights left Antigua as V.C. Bird International Airport became operational after it was evident that Tropical Storm Danny no longer posed a threat. Thus, preparations for flights were able to resume as scheduled after the 12 noon opening.

Moreover, other business entities across the region became operational Monday. These included restaurants, convenient shops, gas stations, supermarkets and private sector offices.

On the flip side, citizens and residents alike have since expressed mixed emotions about the storm’s passage or lack thereof. While many are grateful to have been spared its wrath, others are disappointed that the country missed out on some much-needed rainfall.

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