Speaker Of The National Assembly, Mr. Franklin Brand Stamps His Authority.


(Photo Caption: Honourable Franklin Brand)

SKN PULSE, Wednesday 29th July, 2015 – The speaker of the National Assembly in the person of Honourable Franklin Brand wasted no time at Tuesday’s sitting of Parliament in Basseterre, St. Kitts in controlling the flow of the parliamentary debate.


(Photo Caption: Honourable Ian Liburd)

For instance, when Minister Ian Patches Liburd continuously strayed from the Banking Bill that was being debated and launched personal attacks on Opposition Senator Nigel Carty and  Parliamentary representative for Constituency #3 father, Mr. Lincoln Maynard. After receiving several warnings, Liburd  continued his tirade until eventually the Speaker asked him to discontinue and take his seat.

This had to be very humiliating and embarrassing for supporters, colleagues and the first time minister who was making his maiden presentation in Parliament. Clearly, the approach exercised by the Speaker will eventually pay dividends in the future as it would bring normalcy and decency to the honourable house.

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