Social Issues: Concoction Marginalises Dr.Drew With Wilfulness and Spite.


(Photo Caption: Dr. Terrance Drew)

SKN PULSE, Tuesday 28th July, 2015 – Time is always the greatest teacher. Thus far the advent of Team Unity has taught us that fair share is only for a selected few while fear share is for the majority that never supported their cause. 

As our country continue to aspire to attain higher heights, our Health Care System seems to be in limbo as political misfits continue to make decisions or non decisions based solely on a political basis. Nationals of Saint Kitts and Nevis lives should Matter! With that said, Dr Terrance Drew an internal medicine specialist has emphasized that he is being refused employment by the Government of National Unity.

Bearing such in mind, the Concoction Government was after the same Dr. Drew offering him a job with restrictions that would of muzzled him. However, the astute Doctor was always a step ahead of the elements who attempted to destroy his political ambitions.

As such, it was a week ago that Dr. Drew broke his silence and provided the damning story to all listeners to Freedom FM. He clearly highlighted the protocol he followed inorder to indicate a desire to serve and work at the Joseph N. France Hospital. Further, he lamented on the treatment that the Concoction had meted out to him. Moreover, to add fire to the fury SKN PULSE understands that instructions have been given to a local insurance company to reject all claims that are signed on by Dr. Drew. If such developments occur, then clearly it indicates that there is a personal vendetta that has been unleashed on this caring and humble Medical Doctor by certain elements in Team Unity.

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