St. Thomas’ Primary School Wins Mr And Miss Talented Youth Pageant While King Sookie Three Peats.


(Photo Caption: 2015 Talented Youth Pageant Winners.)

SKN PULSE, Monday 27th July, 2015 – Talent, elegance and charm rocked the Nevis Cultural Complex on Sunday evening, 26th July 2015. The Talented Youths and the Junior Kaisonians executed their various tasks with confidence infront of a sizeable audience.


(Photo Caption: Talented Youth Participants At The Premiers Cocktail.)

Participants for the Talented Youth Pageant were:

St. Thomas’ Primary – J’Neaqua Matthew
                                    – Vishwanauth Singh
(Sponsored By Four Seasons Resort Estate & Grace Foods Int’l/ODB)

Charlestown Primary – Shamarly Newton
                                     – Jahiem Hamilton
(Sponsored By NASPA)

Joycelyn Liburd Primary – Shai-ann Tyson
                                          – Bryce Fyfield
(Sponsored By LEFCO & Golden Rock Hotel.)

Ivor Walters Primary – Szczesnyque Smith
                                    – Damari Mitchell
(Sponsored By RBTT Bank & Costal Air)

Nevis Academy – Dharshanie Ross
                           – Davion Wilkin
(Sponsored By National Caribbean Insurance & Indian Summer.)


(Photo Caption: Talented Youth Participants At The Premiers Cocktail.)

As the night sailed away, the transition of the pageant and the Junior Kaiso show blended smoothly. The Talented Youth Participants presented themselves in segments, (icebreaker, talent, etc) where as the Kaisonians delivered only one song.

In both competitions participants certainly gave the judges much food for thought as they all presented a viable reason to be crowned. However, at the end of the night, the results for the Talented Youth Pageant were as follows:

Winners: St. Thomas’ Primary School.
Mr And Miss Talented Youth:
Vishwanauth Singh and J’Neaqua Matthew.
Sponsored By: Grace Foods Int’l/ODB & Four Seasons Resort Estate.

1st Runner Up: Nevis Academy.
Davion Wilkin and Dharshanie Ross.
Sponsored By: Indian Summer & National Caribbean Insurance.

2nd Runner Up: Joycelyn Liburd Primary School.
Bryce Fyfield and Shai-ann Tyson.
Sponsored By: Golden Rock Hotel & LEFCO.


(Photo Caption: Junior Kaiso Monarch King Mighty Sookie Posing After Been Crowned At Culturama 40 In 2014.)

In the Peachicks Junior Kaiso Competition, six Kaisonians battled to be crowned. Reigning King Sookie had his plate full as he tried to three peat while his follow counter parts aimed to dethrone him.

The other Junior Kaisonians included:
– Lady Blue, Princess Kaila, Might J, Prince Akedo and Little Taj. The results for the Peachicks Junior Kaiso Monarch were as follows

Winner: Mighty Sookie (250 points)

1st Runner Up: Lil Taj (243 points)

2nd Runner Up: Prince Akedo (231 points)

Thus, allowing the Mighty Sookie to Three Peat.

Congratulations to all participants in both shows.

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