Sports Talk: Saint Kitts-Nevis Patriots Position.


(Photo Caption: Saint Kitts & Nevis Patriots)

SKN PULSE – As the Hero CPLT20 near the end of the preliminary games, the point standings are become even more and more interesting. The Saint Kitts And Nevis Patriots are currently positioned at third (3rd) in the current standings and while it is the nation’s hope that they may win their last encounter against Trinidad, the odds are stacked against them.

Currently, Guyana and Trinidad have four remaining games and if either were to win at least three of those four (4) games their would be a change in the standings. While Jamaica has two remaining games of which are must win games if they desire a chance to advance. Tonight they will feature against the Guyana Amazon Warriors.


(Photo Caption: CPLT20 Point Standings)

Thus, for there to be any real chance for the Patriots, Saturday’s game is a must win. Further, the Patriots goal should also be to have an improved net run rate in the event of a tie scenario.

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