Police Update: Three To Stand Trial For The Death Of George Livingston Queeley.


(Photo Caption: Denroy Simmonds)

The accused persons involved in the death of Mr. George Livingston Queeley at Challengers Village Mountains on January 27th 2011, will stand trial at the September 2015 criminal assizes. This was the decision made by the presiding Magistrate at the recently concluded Preliminary Inquiry at the District “B” Magistrate’s Court, having been satisfied that there was sufficient evidence to have the case go onto trial. 


(Photo Caption: Nicholas Riley)

Keith ‘Zion’ Murray, Denroy ‘Barber’ Simmonds and Nicholas Riley, all of Challenger’s village, were formally arrested and charged in November 2013, in regards to Mr. Queeley’s death.


(Photo Caption: Keith Murray)

This case was considered a cold case, and was pursued intensely by the Violent Crimes Unit (VCU), which resulted in the arrest and charge of the accused persons.  

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