Congratulations To Our Nation’s Youth.


(Photo Caption: Nevis’s Top Four Primary School Students.)

SKN PULSE, Friday 3rd July 2015 – Tis the month when graduations are plenty, children are happy and parents spend considerable amounts of money. First and foremost, this medium would like to extend heartiest congratulations to our nation’s youth for a job well done in the recent Test of Standard Examinations. 

Special Congratulations to the top four students on Nevis:

1) Jayden Dore of the Maude Cross Prepatory School. Jayden received the best results in Language Arts, Science and Social Studies with an average of 97.52%.

2) Patrice Nisbett II of the Maude Cross Prepatory School. Patrice attained an average of 94.62%.

3) Cashayna James of the Charlestown Primary School. Cashayna accumulated an average of 92.75%.

4) Destiny Lowe of the Joycelyn Liburd Primary School. Destiny received an average of 89.98%.

Further, special mention must be made of Shoba Subramarni of the Joycelyn Liburd Primary School who got a perfect score in Mathematics. Also, to the students who topped the results in their respective schools, congratulations as well.

To schools that feature in the top ten, kudos on the achievements, (Maude Cross Prepatory, Charlestown Primary, Joycelyn Liburd Primary and Nevis Academy).

Last but by no means least, congratulations to the parents, guardians and teachers both past and present for a job well done.

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