Ms. Shanika Joshua And Arundell Dore Crowned Miss Swimwear And Mr. Kool Respectively.


SKN PULSE, Friday 31st July, 2015 – Beauty, Talent and Elegance rocked patrons at the Cultural Complex last evening, Thursday 30th July, 2015. Contestants were vying for the titles of Ms. Swimwear and Mr. Kool respectively.

The contestants appeared in varying segments and at the end of the night, the results were as follows:

1st runner up – Kenisha Phillip ( 600 points)
2nd runner up – Raven Richards (596 points)

Most photogenic – Shanika Joshua
LIME People’s Choice Award – Shanika Joshua
Best one piece – Raven Richards (211 points)
Best two piece – Shanika Joshua ( 200 points)
Most Creative Swimsuit– Kanesha Phillip (225 points)

MR KOOL 2015 – ARUNDELL DORE (801 points)
1st runner up – Wricherley Gumbs (787 points)
2nd runner up – Jevon Romney ( 706 points)

Most photogenic – Arundell Dore
LIME People’s Choice Award – Arundell Dore
Best Beach Wear – Arundell Dore (231 points)
Best Talent – Wricherley Gumbs (220 points)
Bet GQ Wear – Arundell Dore (230 points)
Best Interview – Wricherley Gumbs (191 points)

Results of LIME PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS based on the contestant who amassed the most votes on


Shanika Joshua – 1625
Karimah Lake – 1210
Raven Richards – 785
Shirnaldeen Lewis – 605
Kanesha Jones – 420
Total votes – 4645


Arundell Dore – 1901
Jevon Romney – 1130
Romaine Tesson Mills – 815
Delville Mills – 715
Wricherly Gumbs – 670
Total votes – 5231

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Past Student Of Combermere School Donate To Alma Mater.


(Photo caption: Chairman of The Combermere Reunion Committee Rumelo Jeffers presenting Assistant Secretary in the Premiers Ministry Kevin Barrett, with the books donated by Vincent Joseph, during a handing over ceremony held at the Franklyn Browne Community Centre on July 29, 2015.)

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (JULY 30, 2015)— Past Combermere School students paid homage to their Alma Mater and in the process, gave back to the Combermere community at a handing over ceremony at the Franklyn Browne Community Centre, on July 29, 2015.

The donations they gave, came on the heels of a week of activities celebrating the Combermere School’s 75th anniversary which brought together past students who reside locally and overseas.

Chairman of the Combermere Reunion Committee Romelo Jeffers, presented the Violet O. Jeffers Nichols Primary School and the Combermere Preschool with books donated by Vincent Joseph, who now resides in Miami, Florida.


(Photo caption: A selection of books donated by Combermere Alumni Vincent Joseph during a handing over ceremony held at the Franklyn Browne Community Centre on July 29, 2015
Assistant Secretary in the Premiers Ministry Kevin Barrett received the books on behalf of the Ministry of Education.)

Barrett thanked the donors for their generous donation. He expressed that gifts such as these were significant.

He noted that although books may have price tags, there is no measure of value that could be placed on the role that books played in the lives of children.

He also urged persons to make more donations of books despite the technological competition that exists.

“We are encouraging others to do likewise. Children are interested in reading still, regardless of the influence of the television. Give a child a book to read and he or she will be happy,” he said.    


The Combermere School has since been renamed Violet O. Jeffers Nicholls (VOJN) Primary School and Barrett handed the books over to the Principal Shae Wilkin.

In response, she registered her gratitude to Mr. Joseph and the Combermere Reunion Committee. She also stated that the donation would help to enhance the teaching experience provided at the VOJN.


(Photo caption: Assistant Secretary in the Premiers Ministry Kevin Barrett handing over books to Teacher at the Combermere Preschool Melisa Pemberton, during a handing over ceremony held at the Franklyn Browne Community Centre on July 29, 2015.)

A thankful teacher of the Combermere Preschool Melisa Pemberton also received the books on behalf of the school.

The presentation to the area of Education on Nevis was one of three donations made by past Combermere students. One donation was made in the area of health and social development and the other in the area of community development.






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(Photo:  Senior Minister Amory believes the Banking Bill will protect consumers.)

Basseterre, St. Kitts, July 30, 2015 (SKNIS): Senior Minister in the Federal Cabinet of St. Kitts and Nevis and Premier of Nevis the Honourable Vance Amory, has welcomed the passage of the Banking Bill 2015, noting that it increases protection for hard working citizens.

Honourable Amory, who also serves as the Minister of Finance in the Nevis Island Administration, pointed to a requirement of the Bill which outlined that financial institutions will be required to have a certain level of reserve funds. In the case of banks, they must have at least 20 percent of net profits recorded annually, transferred to the reserve fund.

For instance, if a local bank were to record $100 million net profit, then no less than $20 million must be placed in reserve at the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) or some other institution.

“The object of this aspect of the Bill is so that where there may unfortunately be any occurrence where the banks experiences distress, there is in fact a significant quantum of money there so that the depositors can be repaid and they are not left holding an empty bag,” he explained, while supporting the passage of the Bill through the federal parliament. “

This scenario played out 33 years ago with the collapse of the Bank of Commerce. Many depositors were unable to recover their savings/investments. Court proceedings began in 1985 to recover losses and a legal settlement was recently made awarding the payment of EC $15 million to the defunct bank’s clients.

Other aspects of the Bill praised by Senior Minister Amory were percentage caps on the value of major loans to a person or borrower group unless approved by the ECCB, as well as the regulations guiding the amount of illiquid assets (items that cannot be easily sold or exchanged for cash) that a bank can hold.

The latter was the case with the Bank of Commerce which had assets at the time of its collapse but did not have enough liquid assets to pay depositors.

The reforms are a part of a regional agenda to strengthen the banking system in order to facilitate economic growth and development among member states of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU).

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(Photo Caption:  Honourable Wendy Phipps, Government Senator, during her presentation in National Assembly on July 28.)
Basseterre, St. Kitts, July 29, 2015 (SKNIS): Government Senator Honourable Wendy Phipps, has described the Banking Bill 2015 as vital, as it seeks to update the provisions, safeguards operation policies and procedures governing the banking sector in the eight member states of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS)

Speaking at Parliament on July 28¸ Senator Phipps, who has a background in Business and Management, explained the initial banking legislation.

“Members of this house should already be aware that the original Banking Act would have been coming into force in 2004,” Minister Phipps stressed, nothing, that in the case of St. Kitts and Nevis, the Banking Act would have been passed in 2004, but never came into force until November 04, 2005.”

According to Senator Phipps, the protection of the financial resources of depositors across the member states and the enactment of the safety and soundness of the OECS banking sector, are two most noticeable sections of the many provisions in the 14 different sections of the Act.

“This new Bill has far reach in consequences,” she said, while pointing out that it also gives considerable powers to the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), which is only natural, since they are the course of last resort to protect the hard earnings of the people of the region.

The 145 page Banking Bill, which was passed in the Federal Parliament today, July 29, 2015, replaces an 87 page document.


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Budding Winning Artists Receive Prizes From Department Of Youth And Sport’s Art Contest.


(Photo caption: Winners of the Department of Youth and Sports, Youth in the Arts Competition Primary School category (l-r) Omar Wilkin of the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School, Kaylan Williams and Micara Scarborough of the Charlestown Primary School  during the prize giving ceremony at the Department’s conference room in Charlestown on July 28, 2015.)

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (July 29, 2015) — Four students on Nevis were awarded for their winning submissions in the Department of Youth and Sport’s, Youth in the Arts Competition with the theme “Expose the Arts”,  at a brief prize giving ceremony. It was held at the Department’s conference room in Charlestown on July 28, 2015.

Micara Scarborough and Kaylan Williams of the Charlestown Primary School and Omar Wilkin of the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School were winners from the eight entries in the Primary School category. K-Jel Smithen of the Charlestown Secondary School was the winner and only entrant for the Secondary School category.


(Photo caption: Youth Officer Lanisa Burke during the prize giving ceremony at the Department of Youths and Sports conference room in Charlestown on July 28, 2015.)

After handing over the gift packages, Youth Officer Lanisa Burke explained that the contest was held in April when the Department observed Youth Month with the theme “Youth Arts Expression – Let Your Minds flow and your talents show!”

She noted that in the Primary Schools category, participants were required to translate what art meant to them in a drawing, while for the Secondary School Category, participants were expected to submit a video of a dance, drama or singing.

According to the Youth Officer, the competition was held in an effort to impress on the students that art was something wonderful and it offered an opportunity for young people a chance to expose the arts and to let others know what it meant to them.

Burke used the opportunity to thank the sponsors:LIME, Harpers, Office Depot, Bank of Nevis, RBTT Bank, Munster Trucking and Heavy Equipment Rental, St. Christopher and Nevis Social Security, Morning Star Holdings and Superior Interior. She also thanked the judges, schools, parents and students who made the contest a reality.


(Photo caption: Mother of Kaylan Williams, Mavis Parris. Williams is a winner in the Department of Youth and Sports Youth in the Arts Competition.)

Meantime, 10-year-old Kaylan Williams reacting to her success said she loved drawing and thanked her parents Mavis Parris and Seymour Williams for helping her with her winning entry.

Her mother was present at the prize giving ceremony thanked the Department of staging the contest, She stated that her daughter had entered many contests and she had been a winner. Parris expressed hope that the contest would continue since it was an avenue for the children to expose their talents.

Junior Minister who is responsible for the Department of Youth and Sports on Nevis Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams, during an address to herald the month of activities open stated that the Arts provides many avenues for employment as well as entrepreneurship opportunities.


(Photo caption: A family member Mervin Parris receives winning prize on behalf of K-Jel Smithen, winner in the Secondary Schools Category in the Department of Youth and Sports Youth in the Arts Competition during the prize giving ceremony at the Department’s conference room in Charlestown on July 28, 2015.)

She noted that many artists have the opportunity to travel worldwide and earn an income and the Arts can therefore be viewed, as a viable option for relieving the youth unemployment issue facing Nevis.

The Minister said the theme selected reflected for Youth Month 2015, reflected the Nevis Island Administration’s recognition that the arts are important in the lives and the future of the island’s young people.

She pointed out that the Arts provides many opportunities, many of which are under explored and Youth Month provided a renewed awareness of these opportunities.




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Speaker Of The National Assembly, Mr. Franklin Brand Stamps His Authority.


(Photo Caption: Honourable Franklin Brand)

SKN PULSE, Wednesday 29th July, 2015 – The speaker of the National Assembly in the person of Honourable Franklin Brand wasted no time at Tuesday’s sitting of Parliament in Basseterre, St. Kitts in controlling the flow of the parliamentary debate.


(Photo Caption: Honourable Ian Liburd)

For instance, when Minister Ian Patches Liburd continuously strayed from the Banking Bill that was being debated and launched personal attacks on Opposition Senator Nigel Carty and  Parliamentary representative for Constituency #3 father, Mr. Lincoln Maynard. After receiving several warnings, Liburd  continued his tirade until eventually the Speaker asked him to discontinue and take his seat.

This had to be very humiliating and embarrassing for supporters, colleagues and the first time minister who was making his maiden presentation in Parliament. Clearly, the approach exercised by the Speaker will eventually pay dividends in the future as it would bring normalcy and decency to the honourable house.

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(Photo Caption: PM Harris makes parliamentary presentation.)

Basseterre, St. Kitts, July 28, 2015 (SKNIS): Clients who lost money when the Bank of Commerce closed some 30 years ago were put on alert by Prime Minister Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris that a legal settlement had been arrived at, that allowed for the payment of $15 million.

Prime Minister Harris made the revelation during today’s (July 28) sitting of National Assembly.  He noted that the court settlement will bring “tremendous relief to the many suffering depositors in the Bank of Commerce,” noting that “a fresh start has now come to the depositors.”

Commenting on the 30 year process, the Prime Minister described it as an “entirely unsatisfactory period of time.”  He noted, however, that liquidation matters in general are very lengthy and not unique to St. Kitts and Nevis.

Outlining the procedure, it was noted that the Social Security Board (SSB), had begun legal proceedings against the Bank of Commerce on February 02, 1985 and the court delivered an order on May 09, 1985 in response to the Social Security Board petition, enabling the first resolution of the matter this month.

It was further revealed that the SSB which is a creditor to the Bank of Commerce should be receiving approximately $1.4 million, and the Nevis Philatelic Bureau was in line for just over a quarter of a million dollars.

“The government which has had substantial interest [investment] in the Bank of Commerce in a variety of funds etc., the government should receive just about $1.2 million,” the Prime Minister said.

Bank of Commerce depositors and the public in general were advised that more detailed information would be provided in the near future.



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Social Issues: Concoction Marginalises Dr.Drew With Wilfulness and Spite.


(Photo Caption: Dr. Terrance Drew)

SKN PULSE, Tuesday 28th July, 2015 – Time is always the greatest teacher. Thus far the advent of Team Unity has taught us that fair share is only for a selected few while fear share is for the majority that never supported their cause. 

As our country continue to aspire to attain higher heights, our Health Care System seems to be in limbo as political misfits continue to make decisions or non decisions based solely on a political basis. Nationals of Saint Kitts and Nevis lives should Matter! With that said, Dr Terrance Drew an internal medicine specialist has emphasized that he is being refused employment by the Government of National Unity.

Bearing such in mind, the Concoction Government was after the same Dr. Drew offering him a job with restrictions that would of muzzled him. However, the astute Doctor was always a step ahead of the elements who attempted to destroy his political ambitions.

As such, it was a week ago that Dr. Drew broke his silence and provided the damning story to all listeners to Freedom FM. He clearly highlighted the protocol he followed inorder to indicate a desire to serve and work at the Joseph N. France Hospital. Further, he lamented on the treatment that the Concoction had meted out to him. Moreover, to add fire to the fury SKN PULSE understands that instructions have been given to a local insurance company to reject all claims that are signed on by Dr. Drew. If such developments occur, then clearly it indicates that there is a personal vendetta that has been unleashed on this caring and humble Medical Doctor by certain elements in Team Unity.

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The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force Mourn The Loss Of One Of Its Own.


Press Release 27/07/2015

The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force (RSCNPF) is mourning the loss of one of its own, No. 582 Woman Police Constable Corrine Wallace and extends condolences to her family.

Commissioner of Police (Ag) Mr Stafford Liburd, takes this opportunity to publicly thank WPC Wallace on behalf of the RSCNPF for her many years in service.

WPC Corrine Wallace joined the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force in 1994, and would have retired in August of this year.

During her sojourn with us she worked in various departments and stations, lending her skills and expertise in efforts in the fight against crime in the Federation. Such included but is not limited to :

·         Staff Office

·         Beat and Patrol

·         Traffic Department

·         Frigate Bay Police Station

·         Telecom Department

Woman Police Constable Corrine Wallace was an asset to the RSCNPF and she will be missed.

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Culturama Board of Trustees Surviving Members Are Festival’s 41st Anniversary Patrons.


(Photo caption:  One of two surviving members of the Culturama Board of Trustees (The Board) Arthur Evelyn, receiving a plaque from Irma Johnson on behalf of the Culturama Committee 2015. She was an Ex Officio member, who served the Board as Secretary. Evelyn, is being honoured for his sterling contribution to the development and preservation of culture on Nevis during the opening ceremony of Culturama 2015 at the Charlestown Waterfront on July 23, 2015.)

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (July 27, 2015) –Patrons for the Culturama 41 festivities are two surviving members of the Culturama Board of Trustees (The Board). They will preside over the two-week official calendar of activities which concludes on August 04. The theme for this year is “Culture fete and Fun; Culturama 41”.

Arthur Evelyn and Violet O. Jeffers Nichols, where awarded with plaques by the Culturama Committee at the official opening ceremony of Culturama 2015. The event was held at the Charlestown Waterfront on July 23, 2015. The patrons are expected to lead the Street Parade slated for August 04, 2015. 


(Photo caption: Executive Director of the Culturama Secretariat Abonaty Liburd reading profiles of the patron at the opening ceremony of Culturama 2015 at the Charlestown Waterfront on July 23, 2015.)

According to Executive Director of the Culturama Secretariat Abonaty Liburd, in its search for a 2015 patron, the Committee found it fitting gesture to honour the board and for its members sterling contributions towards the advancement and preservation of culture and Culturama on Nevis.

In response to the award, Evelyn said he was deeply proud and happy to have been of some help to the Culturama Committee.

“I have done as much as I could and now I am receiving a gift… I say a very big thank you to the Culturama Committee and wish the Committee continued support at all times and I say thanks again for this award to me,” he said.

Nichols who was unable to be at the ceremony, told the Committee that she was delighted that what was started years ago had survived the test of time and she was very pleased to see how Culturama had evolved.

The Board was formed in 1974 with Samuel Hunkins serving as Chairman, Arthur L. Evelyn as Treasurer, Cecil Byron as Legal Advisor and Almond Nisbett and Violet O. J. Nicholls as members. Ex officio member Irma Johnson served as Secretary to the Board.

It was set up to establish a charitable fund which was called The Nevis Cultural and Social Centre Fund. This Fund was established at Barclays Bank.

The objectives of the Fund were to acquire land either by free hold or lease hold in a suitable area of Nevis; to erect a cultural and social centre to be used for the promotion and fostering of cultural aims and activities on Nevis.

It held its first meeting on the 28th of November 1974. In 1975, the first cheque to establish the Nevis Cultural and Social Centre Fund was handed over to Samuel Hunkins by Calvin Howell. After the construction of the Cultural Complex in 1983, the Board was dissolved.




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