Greene Strives To Return To Top-Notch Form.


SKN PULSE, Friday 19th June 2015 – Thursday 18th June marked the return of Nevisian and New Balance Central Park Track Club Athlete, Shirvon Greene to the athletic arena for 2015 as he participated in his first official race of the year after battling injury.

With little time to prep for the 5K VHL Alliance Charity run Mr. Greene emphasized that his primary aim was conditioning and timing.

True to form, Shirvon clocked 20:05 while placing ninth (9th) in his age group,  (20-29) category and 17th out of a field of 186 athletes. Mr. Greene lamented that he is progressing well as he believe he surpassed his own expectations. Further, Mr. Greene expressed that although it was a tough road back he is satisfied with the preparation and effort rendered at the meet.


As Mr. Greene continues to condition himself back into topnotch form he assured this medium that at his next event on July 16th 2015 he intends to improve his time. Greene used the opportunity to express thanks to his friends, family and coworkers as he stated, “without the constant encouragement from family, friends, coworkers and finding the will to presevere would be alot harder.”

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