Crime View: Team Unity Administration Fails To Implement Policies.


SKN PULSE, Friday 19th June 2015 –
Key Point: Addressing the crime problem in St. Kitts and Nevis concerns not only the arrest, conviction, punishment of offenders and the appointment of a Commissioner  but the initiation of policies that would readily deal with:

-Gun Control
-Gang Violence

Such policies are to be debated in the House of Assembly so that amendments and new legislation could be tabled.

While noting the above mentioned, bear in mind that under Labour/Nrp and Team Unity thus far we have experienced sixteen (16) murders for the year. Hence the experimental practices and the give it time rantings are of no effect because if one were to describe the present state of crime in Saint Kitts and Nevis under Team Unity by tweaking the words of Jeffery Reiman, a critic of criminal justice he would argue that our system is designed “not to reduce crime or to achieve justice but to project to the Kittian and Nevisian people a visible image of the threat of crime”, (Reiman, 1996: 1).

Therefore, the underlying aims going forward to ensure effective policies are initiated should address:
*A fair and just exercise of police duty.
*A consistent,thorough and fair prosecution exercise.
*Restructing and stabilizing economic and social justice.
*Improving the lot of Kittans and Nevisians.

Posted By Pulse Master.

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