(Photo Caption: Promotional material for the National Household Registry)

Basseterre, St. Kitts, June 16, 2015 (SKNIS):  Officials at the Department of Social Services are calling for more community residents to cooperate with enumerators conducting the National Household Registry.

The confidential survey is currently being carried out in parishes across St. Kitts to streamline access to services provided by the government to the more vulnerable in society. The exercise began in the parish of St. Paul in late May. Director of Community Affairs, Azilla Clarke said it was a rough start.

“We were expecting to get some 997 households,” she revealed. “We fell short of the total because there has been some miscommunication about the purpose of the survey so a team has to go back and mobilize there.”

The team has had more success in the St. Mary parish. They interviewed residents in the villages of Lodge, Ottleys, Cayon and Keys. One theory is that the word of mouth from residents in St. Pauls and Newton Ground began to spread, diffusing the mistrust that some initially had. In fact, members of the community accompanied the enumerators as they went from house to house which added a layer of trust and comfort for villagers.  

Last week, the St. Peter parish was covered. This week, enumerators will be in the villages of Saddlers, Harris’, Dieppe Bay, Parsons and Tabernacle as well as East and Central Basseterre. Over the next ten days, they should have covered the parishes of St. Thomas: which includes Old Road to New Guinea, St. John: Dieppe Bay to Tabernacle, and St. George: East, Central and West Basseterre.

“We just want to encourage all persons to participate in the registry process,” Director Clarke emphasized. “The Department of Social Services and the [entire] Ministry has made a commitment to begin to connect persons with the services because as this registry is going on we are also doing our school uniform process, so we are sure to make the services match the persons immediately so persons can begin to see the benefits of participating in this survey.”

The surveys should conclude in the villages of Christ Church, Molineux and Bourryeau on June 25.

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