Saint Kitts And Nevis Parliamentary Opposition Holds Press Conference.


SKN PULSE, Thursday 21st May, 2015 – The Saint Kitts And Nevis Labour Party Parliamentary Opposition holds successful press conference at the Marriott Resort. Present were Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, Former Prime Minister – Honourable Dr. Denzil Douglas, Honourable Marcella Liburd and Honourable Konris Maynard. Absent were Honourable Patrice Nisbett and Honourable Nigel Carty, both were unavailable for personal reasons. The conference highlighted the efforts of the Caribbean Development Bank, (CDB), the impact of the Citizenship By Investment Program and Parlimentary Democracy.


Dr. Douglas outlined that the conference was timed appropriately to coincide with the 45th Annual Caribbean Development Bank Board of Governors Meeting that is currently being held in Saint Kitts. This was done in an effort to express thanks to the major role played by the Caribbean Development Bank. In extending gratitude the Former Prime Minister outlined the role played by his administration. For instance, he spoke about the dialogue that was created by former Minister Skerritt and himself with regards to boosting and expanding the Caribbean Airline, LIAT. Further, Dr. Douglas also highlighted that during his tenure as Chairman of the Board of Directors, he ensured that other Caribbean Islands were encouraged to make maximum use of the institution.

Additionally, revelations were made about entrepreneurial programs after a question was asked by a media representative. It was indicated that the hallmark of the Labour Party lies in youth activities. Thus, it is one means where the Caribbean Development Bank can continue to lend it’s support. An emphasis was also made on the fact that the Caribbean Development Bank was also an instrumental player in ensuring Debt reduction became a reality for Saint Kitts And Nevis.

In relation to the Citizenship By Investment Program, (CIP) mention was made to the fact that it enabled Saint Kitts And Nevis to have a surplus as they did in 2014. The program ensured a brighter future for St. Kitts and Nevis as it serves as a capital boost. Under the CBI a 7% growth rate became a reality for St. Kitts and Nevis in 2014. Such growth was due in part to the ongoing development of The Park Hyatt, The Pelican Bay Resort and other major developments which continue to be the driving force behind growth at present. The Parlimentary Opposition hinted that if the Government is serious about the CBI agenda they will get assistance from the Opposition if there is a serious impetus to take the CBI forward.


Moreover, Honourable Liburd expounded upon the ruling of the Privy Council after fielding a question from media personnel on the silence of the Saint KItts And Nevis Labour Party. It is of the view that the judgement presents ample scenarios. One such example that was expounded upon is the fact that if no necessary action is taken the New Boundaries would come into effect at the next dissolution of parliament.


On the contrary, Mr. Maynard elucidated that The Opposition won’t stand idly by. He reiterated that the Saint KItts And Nevis Labour Party laid a bedrock which pushed Saint Christopher and Nevis to an elite status within the Caribbean region and therefore the aim is to ensure such a status remains. Further, he emphasized that Labour will ensure parliamentary democracy is achieved.

Other issues looked at were, the victimisation practices of Team Unity and The Governor General Saga. Additionally, the Electoral Office closure was also a topic of interest.

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