Ms. Penelope Beckles-Robinson Motivates The Labour Comrades At 83rd Saint Kitts And Nevis Labour Party Conference.


SKN PULSE, Monday 18th May 2015 -Featured Speaker at the 83rd Saint Kitts and Nevis Labour Party Convention, Ms. Penelope Beckles Robinson was nothing short of exceptional. Being a politician and a lawyer by professional practice, her soothing tone and distinct passion ensured that the audience remained in sync with what was being said. Clearly, her presence at the conference ignited an even brighter spark for the Saint Kitts and Nevis Labour Party.

Her speech was centered around the workings of Government and Opposition. Ms. Robinson sought to motivate the base of the Labour Party by signalling the time to work is now as the ninety days (90) window has closed. Moreover, she hinted that as the party progresses forward it can only get better but as a party the SKNLP has to remember that the concept of looking at a voter has changed. Therefore, they can ill afford to take voters for granted, they have to always listen to their supporters, seek to create an audience for the youth and ensure the women within the party are happy.

As she eloquently hit home point after point, the People’s National Movement (PNM) also highlighted how the tactics to attain political office has changed. Spreading of innuendos has become common practice while a tee-shirt, $500 dollars and a cell phone has become the norm. This phenomenon she lamented, is what took place in Trinidad in the last election.

A reminder was given to the comrades, that an election can be called before the five (5) year deadline thus they ought to be ready at all times. Furthermore, she reminded the comrades that every time they look across Saint Kitts, Labour prints are all over it.

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