Federal Parliament Convenes Tomorrow: Throne Speech To Be Delivered By Governor General’s Deputy.


(Photo Caption: Kittian Elected Parliamentarians)

SKN PULSE, Wednesday 13th May 2015 – With a mere day left before parliamentary session is convened in St. Kitts, it is the general feeling that the inaugural sitting of the Team Unity Administration is widely anticipated by citizens at home and abroad. The sitting takes place tomorrow at Government Headquarters and commences at 9:00 (am).

After 20 years in the wilderness the Peoples Action Movement will now occupy the Government benches along with the Concerned Citizens Movement and the lone representative of the Peoples Labour Party. The election on Monday 16th February 2015 ushered in such a change and thus the Team Unity Coalition represents the Government benches led by the Honourable Dr. Timothy Harris while the St. Kitts and Nevis Labour Party would represent the opposition ably led by Honourable Dr. Denzil Douglas.


(Photo Caption: Nevisian Elected Parliamentarians, Attorney General, Speaker of The House and Senators)

The convening of parliament would see changes in some aspects. For instance the nominated speaker of the House, Mr. Franklin Brand, former CCM-NRP politician and former President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce would take command while, it is highly anticipated that the Deputy Speaker of the House would be Senator Micheal Perkins, former Minister of Government in the Nevis Island Administration. New members to parliament for the Peoples Action Movement include, Honourable Lindsay Grant, Honourable Ian Liburd and Senator Wendy Phipps.


His Excellency Governor General Sir Edmund Lawrence has taken leave from May 12th through May 17th 2015 therefore the newly sworn in Governor General’s Deputy, His Excellency Tapley Seaton QC, former AG in the PAM/NRP coalition government from 1980 -1995 would be afforded the privilege of reading the Throne Speech.

On the flip side, the oppostion benches would be led by the formidable Honourable Dr. Denzil Douglas. The Rt. Hon. Denzil Douglas finally received his instruments as leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition on Saturday last and all opposition Parliamentarians are expected to be sworn in at Thursday’s sitting. Opposition representatives include the Honourable Marcella Liburd, Honourable Konris Maynard and Honourable Patrice Nisbett. Nigel Carty will be the nominated Senator representing the opposition.

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