Sudden Tragedy Strikes Vacationing Couple.


SKN PULSE, Tuesday, 5th May, 2015 –  Tragedy struck for the Edwin family on Sunday around 3:30 (pm) when Medical Doctor Samyka Y. Harris-Edwin died suddenly during a recreational climb of the Gros Piton in St. Lucia. Mrs. Edwin was the daughter of former outstanding Nevisian Netballer Grace Esdaille who is the sister of Liat Captain Barnabas Esdaille.

Mrs. Edwin was accompanied by her husband Micah Edwin who were both on the recreational adventure. The husband, who is also a Doctor, administered CPR when he noticed that his wife had encountered difficulty but Mrs. Edwin never regained consciousness.

Thereafter, the body was transported to the Soufriere hospital where she was pronounced dead by a medical doctor. A post mortem examination is scheduled for Wednesday.

SKN PULSE extends sincerest condolences to the Harris, Edwin and Esdaille families.

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