14th Murder In Saint Kitts: Crime Should Not Be Used As A Means To An End Mechanism.


SKN PULSE, Sunday 19th April, 2015 – Speaking on the platform and simply putting words into action isn’t as easy as saying the a,b,c. Seemingly, the new trend within Saint Kitts and Nevis is crime and violence; reports indicate that last night an individual was gunned down in Cayon, St. Kitts. Details on this matter are sketchy. However, this is the second murder over a three day span. The 13th murder was committed on Nevis on Friday 17th April, 2015. Since, the new dispensation of government nothing has changed. It is a clear indication that crime knows not the colour of political parties or owes allegiance to any man. Thus, the trend continues as gun related incidents, robberies and petty theft has taken the twin Island Federation by storm.

As citizens of Saint Kitts and Nevis become more concerned at the frequency of gun crimes, police officers are engaged in probing the electoral office. As there seems to a serious State of Emergency brewing at the Electoral Office that only the Government of the day understands. Police man power, police resources and foreign investigators are engaged in an investigation to highlight irregularities within the Electoral process so as to gain political mileage. However, while all of this is happening, criminal activity has increased. Regardless of the wishes of government officials, crime should have been addressed immediately since “they” made a song and dance about crime while in opposition.

On the contrary, the matter of crime has been used as a political “toy” by the ruling parties and the oppositions but all have failed to understand that it is a joint effort. Thus, crime shouldn’t be used as a means to an end mechanism to make citizens believe policies are readily available when they are merely flattering to deceive.

With that said, there has been an indication that outside help has been sought but if proper collection of evidence isn’t gathered, if crime scenes aren’t properly secured, if finger prints aren’t lifted and proper gear worn, if credible witnesses aren’t properly protected then it is our belief that the outside help would encounter serious difficulties as well.

As the citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis continue to seek answers it would be interesting to note that to comprehensively reduce crime in any country new ideas ought to be channelled on a daily basis so as to improve any kinks that may exist. Immediately there is an urgent need to increase stop and search operations and increase man-power in hot-spot areas. Thus, this medium believes that it’s time to unveil some preventative measures.

The long term plans should incorporate a National Symposium where both the local-federal, private and public entities would be able to dialogue and brainstorm ideas. Additionally, implementing innovative social out-reach programs for children, launching anti-crime ads, re-evaluating the existing laws and making changes across the board, initiating a research and resource team and working on improving the public image of the Police Force would pay dividends in the future.

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