Kim Collins Receives Honour: Silver Jubilee Stadium Renamed Kim Collins National Athletic Stadium.


SKN PULSE, Sunday 5th April 2015 – In an era where athletes in the Federation  on a whole aren’t justly rewarded for their accomplishments a new day has dawned upon us,  with the renaming of the Silver Jubilee Stadium. A well deserving and great gesture that saw Former World Champion Kim Collins accepting an honour bestowed upon him.

This in itself is evidence that Kim’s hard work continues to pay dividends. His recent winning ways in the 60m events that he participated in for 2015 is testament to the caliber of recognition that Saint Kitts and Nevis has gotten over the years and will continue to get as his fortunes get greater with time.

On a day like this, Kim is experiencing the best of both worlds as today is also been celebrated as his birthday. So the Kim Collins National Athletic Stadium as it is now named is an excellent birthday gift. Currently the Kim Collins National Athletic Stadium is hosting the 2015 Edition of the CARIFTA Games.

Kudos to the key personnel/organizers for ensuring that this day became a reality.

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