Joycelyn Liburd Primary School 2015-2016 Gulf Insurance Primary School Champions.


SKN PULSE, Thursday 02nd April,  2015 – Excitement filled the Elquemedo Willet Park on Wednesday 1st April 2015 as suspense grew throughout the park early into the events.  What transpired left many literally amazed as the brightness of the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School was shining radiantly as they dominated early. Such gave birth to the thought that with sheer determination even that which is perceived as unattainable is very much achievable.

Bearing such in mind, a new paradigm shift occurred at the Gulf Insurance Primary School Championships. The Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School rumbled with the Division A category for much of the day. They were even placed as high as second with no signs of easing off. While the Joycelyn Liburd Primary School held a firm grip on first position after the conclusion of the 60 metre events. Thereafter, the confidence, exhibited by the athletes of the Joycelyn Liburd Primary School sealed their faith while St. Thomas’ Primary School and Ivor Walters Primary School were able to pressure the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School as they secured second and third place respectively. The final scores were as follows:


(Worthy of mention is the fact that the Charlestown Primary School for the first time since the inception of the meet were beaten by a Division B School in the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School. Charlestown Primary School placed 5th overall.)

As is the norm leading up to interprimary, the hype and chatter spurred excitement with school chants going viral. Having said that, former defending champions, Charlestown Primary School fought the good fight but unfortunately they were out-performed by their competitors, namely the Joycelyn Liburd Primary School, the St. Thomas’ Primary School, the Ivor Walters Primary School and the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School.


(Photo Credit: Nevis Athletics  – JLPS Celebrating.)

The nation’s youth who represented the various schools should be proud of themselves for displaying talent, good sportsmanship, executing quality baton passes in the relays and showing the desire to excel. Ultimately, the students were the driving force behind such a thrilling Gulf Insurance Primary School Championship. Further, the coaches for the various schools should be given every accolade as well; the extra training sessions,  the impromptu speeches and the overtime was all worth it because in the end the children gave of their best.

Top performers of the meet from our vantage point included: Sammarya James (St. Thomas’ Primary School), K’Van-J Maynard (Joycelyn Liburd Primary School), Malchiel Dore (St. Thomas’ Primary School), Joric Daniel (Joycelyn Liburd Primary School), Queleel Roberts (Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School), Riancia Maynard (Joycelyn Liburd Primary School), Annique Jeffers (St. James Primary School)  and Tywane Roberts ( St. Thomas’ Primary School).

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