The Leeward Islands Continue To Turn In Dismal Performances.


SKN PULSE, Monday 30th March, 2015 – We are at a time in our history, when the clock is ticking and signalling that the hour is nigh for a face lift with regards to the restructuring of the Leeward Islands managerial hierarchy so that they could return to the glory days when they were once a powerhouse in the region. As it stands now, a cohesive network doesn’t exists and the poor performances are an indication that things are not working.

Recently, a board meeting was held in Basseterre, Saint Kitts where matters pertaining to the draft selection in the recently concluded WICB PCL Regional competition was the hot topic as sources indicate that the Coach and Chief selector failed to carry iut the wishes as to which players should be selected. This initself leaves one to ask, who reports to who?

If some sort of a doubt exists, just look at the performances in the recent PCL Regional Four Day Tournament, where Leewards ranked last in the standings. While cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties, the Leewards camp never seemed pressed to perform. Nonetheless, they should be commended for playing regardless. Ultimately, the time is right to put into effect a mechanism where players are able to enhance their in game performance so that they keep fit and mentality prepared for tournaments.

On the contrary, a team is only as good as their coach wants them to be. Clearly, the right coach should be able to connect with his players, motivate them when the needs arise and incorporate mechanisms to improve their skill set accordingly. In the Leewards case having a veteran player doesn’t signify that his experience merits his ascension to the job. Having a passion for something says alot when considering an individual for a job as well as their attitude and there are some serious doubts that may exist at present. As such, this requires an impact assement to be done to determine why the Leeward Islands has such a laid back attitude towards the game of cricket.

If progress is to be achieved within the Leeward Islands then it means adopting new policies, implementing changes and ensuring that they are persued. With immediate effect changes have to be made; the selectors and the coach must go for their ideologies seem to be hurting Leeward Islands Cricket more than anything else.

In concluding, the way forward must be to involve persons whose desire and passion is to see cricket standards rise again in the in the Leewards .

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