West Indies Cricket: What’s The Next Step?


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SKN PULSE, Wednesday 15th March 2015 – Experience doesn’t count when it’s void of Passion. With that said, over the last few days, their has been plenty buzz about the future of West Indies Cricket, from the election of President,  to the possibility of Chris Gayle considering retirement from Test Cricket. As such, it begs the question where is the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) plan in light of all the distractions taking place with current star players?

While in the past year one of the worst things to have happened to West Indies cricket is having the issue with the Indian Cricket board and having to pay some $42, 000 000 (forty two million dollars) as settlement for the fallout of the West Indies tour to India,  it’s evident that barriers still exists that hampers the development of the West Indies Cricket Team. Further, another embarrassing moment came when, the tweeting of a message concerning dominant  batsman Chris Gayle clearly indicated that Cameron isn’t capable of  leading the West Indies to its glory days.

Although such instances presented the opportune time to boot the President,  his re-election bid proved otherwise as the Cricketing Boards around the region bestowed upon him the fortune of continuing to lead the West Indies. Jamaica, Guyana,  Windward Islands and the Leeward Islands gave their support to Cameron. Thus, it begs the question, what is in store for the development of the smaller territories? Would West Indies Cricket ever return to the Glory Days?

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