Statement By: The Right Honourable Dr. Denzil L. Douglas.


Issued On Monday 9,  March,  2015.

The document (a graphic of a head photograph of Dr. Douglas with a passport graphic in the background and the side bearing a stamp marked, “visa cancelled”) being circulated is fabricated and bogus‎.


Captioned Photo: Its not a document that is and was ever in my possession.

I understand however that PM Harris and Foreign Minister Brantley have revoked the diplomatic passports issued to former‎ ministers of the Labour Administration even though on assuming office they met in place a policy of former Heads of State and Government and others continuing to hold diplomatic passports.

In this circumstance where a visa was issued in the diplomatic passport which has been recalled/cancelled, we’ve been a‎dvised that we need to apply for new visas in our regular passports.

The ‎origin of the fabricated document seems to point to an internet-based service which is well known for its propaganda against the Labour Administration which I led.

It’s operated by the PAM/Unity propagandist Wallis Wilkin.

This is a continuation of the attempts to tarnish my image‎ and legacy of nearly twenty years of catapulting SKN to leading developmental positions in the Caribbean region.

This latest effort is an attempt to distract the electorate from the failings of the Dr Harris government to deliver on the promises it made to the people of SKN during the recent campaign.
It is an attempt by Dr Harris and his propagandists to divert the attention of skn and regional citizens from the atrocities of victimisation being practised against Labour supporters, senior public servants who have been locked out of their offices and sent on forced leave, the Supervisor of Elections and staff of the electoral office who have been barred from occupying their offices where some of the ballot boxes from the recent elections were stored but which are now under the control of the Chairman of the ruling PAM political party who is not even a public servant.

This fabricated story is the latest attempt by Dr. Harris to distract attention from the recent increase in gun-related murders and criminal activity in the Federation while he carries out his vendetta against the Police Force with his spate of demotions and transfers of men and women of decades of dedicated service, and ridicules and abuses the COP CG Walwyn who has been forced to demit office although he has unserved years on an existing contract.

The victimisation meted out to the COP is similar to that received by the Permanent Secretaries of the Ministry of the Attorney General, Justice and Legal Affairs, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Ministry of National Security all of whom have been sent on pre-dismissal leave, and also the Ambassadors, Heads of Embassies and Missions all of whom have been asked to resign immediately by PM Harris.

This fabricated story is an attempt at diversion and distraction‎ from the failures and victimisation practices of a “Unity” government that captured the SKN government less than one month ago on the promise of inclusion of all persons and ending victimisation.

Posted by SKN PULSE.

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